Snow Removal Tricks and Tips

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Winter in Ohio comes with many things, but the #1 thing we all expect is snow, snow, and more snow. As a homeowner, snow removal becomes a priority for multiple reasons. Here are some snow removal tricks and tips to make your life a little bit easier this winter.


  1. Invest in a Snow Blower: Snow blowers are optimal instruments for both yard and driveway snow removal. It can be a bit tricky to find the right speed to blow depending on the make and model, but once you do, you should be good to go. For snow removal of the driveway, start in the middle and shoot snow to edges of the driveway. Keep alternating until snow is gone. Just make sure you aren’t tossing snow onto already cleared areas.


Tip: Take frequent breaks to avoid strain and injury to the shoulders and back

Tip: Check out these solid Snow Blower choices from


  1. The Good Old Snow Shovel: Dig out the ever-versatile snow shovel for extra snowy days. Some folks prefer to shovel while the snow is coming down to prevent extra work later, and some like to wait until the snowfall is over, to do it all at once. Both ways are fine. To clear your driveway, push as much snow as possible to the edges, trying not to pack down any bottom layers. Then scoop up the remaining snow and toss it to the side.


Tip: There are a variety of snow shovels available for purchase from your local hardware store. Consider buying a few models for difference purposes in snow removal. For example, plastic edges shovels are better for uneven pavement, etc. Furthermore, snow shovels are becoming more ergonomic and lighter weight all the time.

Tip: If snow is sticking to your shovel, spray it with a little bit cooking spray.


  1. Stake out your Lawn: When removing snow from your yard, you want to be careful not to damage any small trees, shrubbery, or even garden beds that you so carefully tended over the summer. To avoid damage, place some tall stakes or markers around these spot so you don’t hit them with your shovel or blower.


Tip: If there is a good bit of snow building up on your shrubs or small trees, let them be. Trying to remove the snow often does more harm than good.

  1. Don’t let the Piles, Pile Up: When shoveling, blowing, or pushing snow, you may want to watch where you pile it. Snow can harden and freeze against foundations, leading to expensive-to-fix damage down the road. Additionally, this icy snow is super hazardous if someone would happen to tread on it.


Tip: Spread kitty litter or sand on slippery surfaces to give them a little grit and grip.


  1. Decide on a Deicer: Rock salt is everybody’s go-to when it comes to ridding your steps, sidewalk, and driveway of ice. However, it can be harmful to your shrubs and yard, if you don’t use it carefully. For less harsh salts, try magnesium or calcium chloride, which are less severe and work in the iciest of temperatures.


Tip: Always use gloves when spreading salt

Tip: Store deicers off the ground or in sealed containers to keep moisture from getting in



With just a few above the above tips, you can keep your yard and home free of too much snow and potential damage this winter. Don’t be afraid of a little snow, especially if you have the tools to tackle it!





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