Metallics in Home Deco…Mix and Match


Checking out my favorite places to find ideas for Holiday Decorations…and just like in the HOME Décor Departments…Gold is Back!

The Biggest Difference…Brass/Gold/Bronze/Silver/Brushed Silver/Copper … all in the same room.  Not being one for symmetrical design or matching patterns…this trend is great!

Brass Hardware

Brass Hardware


I remember spraying so many of our Holiday Deco White after I grew tired of the Country Look…Then came the gold spray paint….followed by silver.  I think I may still have some gold pinecones left… I think it will be fun to mix silver and gold…and even some natural pinecones together.  My favorite…my pine cones from Lake Tahoe…I bring back every time I visit Andi and Mike.  HINT:  I would love to have another box for the holidays!

TRYING to DECK our Halls EARLY…Eli’s First Christmas…and now you can see his first haircut.  So much to do in a very busy time of the year…and the most difficult time for a REALTOR in Central OHIO is finding properties for buyers coming to town.  Call me if you are ready to list…I need some merchandise…we all do.  It is a seller’s market with very little competition.

Enjoy this wonderful weather…outside lights could go up…but don’t turn them on until after Thanksgiving, please.




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