Tips To Using The Holiday Season To Your Advantage When Selling Your Home

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Tips To Using The Holiday Season To Your Advantage When Selling Your Home – It is time to sell, sell, sell, which means it is time to stage, stage, and stage. Lucky for you, the holidays are approaching, and there are plenty of fun and creative ways to use the holiday season to your advantage when selling your home. A few words of caution however, when it comes to staging, balance is key. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.


Take Care of the Exterior: First and foremost, take care of the exterior yard and home.

  • Leaves: Once fall has officially turned into winter, take a rake and clear your yard of all leaves. This will help your yard look neat and tailored when potential buyers arrive.
  • Snow: Buy a few nice shovels and/ a snow blower to keep your driveway and walkways clear of snow. Keeping up on snow removal gives your home a clean and welcoming vibe.
  • Lights and Holiday Décor: Though there are endless options for holiday decorations, it is important to be tasteful and not too heavy on the tinsel and lights. One option may be to check out what your neighbors are doing with lights and follow their lead. This will add a sense of cohesiveness to the neighborhood for potential buyers.


Do-Up the Interior: The exterior isn’t the only place that can benefits from some holiday cheer. Decorate your interior to help buyers envision themselves living there.

  • Holiday Tree: It is nice to have a tasteful tree in your living space, but make sure it is not too large for the room. Otherwise, the room could end up looking a bit crowded. If you need to, move some furniture out of the room to create more space.
  • Personal Decorations: Though we all have our favorite ornaments and decorations, this may be a good year to forgo the homemade reindeer for some neutral decorations such as gold or silver candles and or simple ornaments. For example, a small centerpiece on your dining table will go a long way to create holiday cheer.


Other Staging Tips:

  • Because winter often means less sunlight, keep your blinds and shades open during viewings to that your house appears light and airy.
  • If you have a fireplace, take advantage of it. That crackling warm feature may be a real asset in attracting potential buyers.
  • Crank up the heat so that your home will be nice and cozy during walk-throughs.
  • Bake up some holiday treats so that your home smells delightful.


At the end of the day, you want your home to be inviting and cozy. Taking the time to put on a few special touches will make all the difference in the world.


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