You Better Watch OUT…

It all started way back when……Andi and Emily ask George to find a very tall tree…and each year as the girls grew, the perfect tree got taller and taller.


And as the girls grew taller and moved further away from home…George still found the perfect tree…as long as they promised to come home for the holidays.


The tree is in the driveway…


Can’t wait for all to be home for the holidays!

So…You had better watch out…if you want to purchase a property.  I spent last week helping a client look for a property…nothing, nothing is out there.  If you think winter is not a good time to list your house, think twice.  The time is right!  As soon as Santa is back at the North Pole,  clean out the clutter and call me.  You will have very little competition.  It may be the time to downsize or downsize to a warmer client or upsize to a brand new home.  Builders are now in full swing … a new house might be your first choice.  Happy Holidays to all!



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