Buyers and Sellers…Be as Happy as my Grandson when you Slide to your Closing

Eli sleding

I LOVE what I do.   Being a REALTOR is all about helping people make educated decisions…which has always been my business.   Providing tours of different areas, including schools, recreation centers, points of interests, interviewing builders, and helping make selections at design centers are only part of my FULL SERVICE and I enjoy each step of the way.

I recently helped a family sell their existing home and move to a new home just a few days before Christmas this year.   We were scheduled to close on one property in the morning and the second property in the afternoon…..this is called a back to back closing.  It is possible but only when everyone on the team does their “homework” …no dog ate my homework type of excuses.   We completed the two closings but it was a stressful time as we had to delay the second closing to two days later.  All went well and Santa was able to come down the chimney for a little girl in her new home.

Just recently, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created new rules to protect the consumer when purchasing a property…always a good idea to complete due diligence when making one of the largest purchases most people make only a few times.  The new rules seem to be increasing mortgage delays which does make it difficult to move from one property to another in a timely way.    Although most professionals involved in the process  are attending continuing education courses, the changes in the closing process are new to lenders, realtors, and title companies.  TRID or The KNOW Before you OWE Act can work well if you have a responsible and professional team working for you.

My advice to help you to avoid delays:

  1.  Interview your mortgage loan officer.  Make sure they return all of your calls, texts, and/or emails in a timely manner (even weekends and holidays).   In most cases, it is the individual mortgage loan officer that makes things happen on time.  It is his or her connections and reputation with the other departments within the organization that help them do the job.   Ask your friends, family, and realtor for recommendations based on recent experiences.  Many people will select a loan officer from the company where they bank…which may be an excellent choice, BUT remember it is the individual loan officer that will keep on top of your loan and connect with the title company and realtor.  Do your research!
  2. Have all paperwork completed on time.  Return any additional information to your mortgage loan officer as soon as possible.
  3. Ask your Realtor to allow you a few days possession of your home after you close just in case there are delays.

Eli smiling

You too can be looking at your new home with a big smile!

Looking for new listings…and of course we need to have a good idea of where you want to move…Inventory is still very low.

Happy 2016!










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