Inexpensive Ways to Move from Holiday to Spring 1,2,3

As I repeat many times there are numerous reasons why I love being a REALTOR.   I find it interesting to view so many types of housing that are decorated in so many ways.  It is a second treat to see what the new owners do when they transform their new house to their very own home.


So easy to bring some Spring…$5.00 from the grocery.  I just wrapped some old music around the ugly plastic pot and set the pot in a candle holder.  I actually took this idea from my daughter, Emily who treats herself to fresh flowers (Trader Joes or Market)  fairly often.  I have given her old music which she uses for various ideas…she just made me laugh when she shared many of her guests asked if she is a musician.  Could lead to interesting conversation if you share you are a concert pianist…just teasing…


Stuff from different holiday décor and from my “lower level”…I purchased the large cloche at The Home Store from the clearance section.  The bottom was missing.  I have used this to display several items that I temporarily treasure.


It’s a stacking game.  Bottom level topped off with an old plate.


Next level was built stacking an upside down vase…about the same diameter.


Topped off with one of my favorite birds I have had forever.


It’s actually pretty sturdy…Sea Shells or Easter Eggs…Always transforming with my treasures.

SPEAKING OF CHANGE…….If you are thinking of a move, call me for not only the BEST SERVICE in Town, but I can also promise  that we will have some fun during the process!


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