Winning the Lottery…


When touring a Compass New Build in Jerome Village this week,  the salesperson apologized for some traffic marks on the flooring.  She got this big smile and then she shared that a lottery winner was using their winnings to build a million dollar dream home.  HGTV is filming each step from design to finishing touches.  Exciting stuff.   I truly enjoy helping my clients go through the building process.  I have learned so much from building our own houses, and guiding clients to make good choices.  I also love seeing the buyers excitement as each phase is completed, being there for support and to answer questions and/or concerns.

Eli 8

I think we did WIN the LOTTERY when Eli Joseph Linley was born!  I just love sharing my grandson’s photo in my blogs.  I hope I don’t have to pay him for any modeling fees.  He is now 8 months old and headed to OHIO for a visit late February.   I will be unavailable the days he is in OHIO but I have time to list your home before he arrives.   Our inventory in Ohio is the lowest in years.



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