Couples want TWO Master Bedrooms…Valentines Need Space?


Couples sleeping together today?  Now that I have your attention…just heard on the TODAY SHOW this morning that 25% of married couples prefer separate bedrooms.


Difference in Temperature…that does change over the years (complete opposite in our house from just a few years ago)

Snoring…SNORING… Big change!  ( If I go to sleep first, all is well.)

Different work schedules…Big change too.  ( For many years I was up at 5:00 AM, quietly getting ready and oh so careful not to wake up anyone.  And now, in my cheerful way, I bring coffee to my sweetheart while he is taking his shower.)


Yes, I have worked for couples that prefer separate bedrooms and they seem very happy!

It seems I am getting more and more requests for a large master bath between 2 master bedrooms.  Separate sinks with some distance apart and forget the huge tub but include a large walk in shower with bench and easy to clean glass with no door on the shower to clean are great!

Separate closets have been essential for several years.

TRUE LOVE is not based on 100% sharing…although George and Barbara Bush both give in 75% of the time.

And at the Yanok House…well everyone needs some secrets!  Something must be working…40 years this coming August.

Valentine ideas…


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