8 Tips For Curb Appeal On A Budget


8 Tips For Curb Appeal On A Budget– During the winter months the outside of your home is mostly covered in snow and there’s less yard work to accomplish. But in the warmer months of the year, there’s more focus and attention to your curb appeal. This is why it’s so important to keep up with certain items to keep your home looking sharp and maintained. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve better curb appeal while sticking to a budget…

Spice Up Exposed Foundation – Let’s be honest, seeing concrete blocks around the home isn’t exactly the most appealing visual. Am I right? Try adding faux panels to accent your home such as faux rockes, stone, brick, wood, etc. These panels come in many different varieties and can update the look of your home.

Camouflage Outdoor Eyesores – You know the gray meters on the side or back of your home can be a pretty big distraction. Try painting the pipes and covers to match the color of your home. This will allow these eyesores to blend in a little better.

Paint Your Front Door – Use a bright color to make the front of your home pop! Instead of a boring brown, white or black make it stand out with red blue or even yellow! While you are focusing on your front door, see if your hardware (door knob, lock or door knocker) needs to be updated as well to give your front door the complete overhaul.

Accent Plants – Adding potted plants or hanging plants can be great accents to your curb appeal. Some like to let the pots or accessories be the star of the show while other homeowners like the plant itself to stand out. Either way, try adding a little greenery to your porch, door way, or walkway to give visitors a fresh and warm feeling as they drive by or enter your home.

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Hang Up Your Hose – Have a place to store your garden hose. Whether you hang it on the side of your home or hide it in a special container. Some homeowners store a hose in the front and in the back of their home to make maintaining your yard a little easier. Think about the curb appeal of your home before storing a hose in the front of your home. Moving it to the side of your home, if possible, can still give you easy access but allows you to keep a clean look on the front of your home.

Hide Your AC Unit – Not only does this unit take up a lot of space, but hiding it can help you really create your back yard oasis. Use a small fence (removable for access), bushes, plants, etc to camouflage your AC and take back your back yard.

Edging – Once you have the right tool (which is inexpensive in itself!) you can really transform your curb appeal! Edging the sidewalk, driveway and entrance to your home can clean up your yard making it look crisp and beautiful for visitors OR even potential buyers.

Powerwash – You don’t realize how dirty the outside of your home can get until you powerwash it! Garage doors, windows, siding, deck, porch, and even your driveway could use a little attention. You can rent your own powerwasher from a local rental facility or purchase one from your local hardware store.


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