Buyers…HOLD ON! Both Buyers and Sellers need REALTOR Representation in this Market.

Shopping for a HOME…Don’t Blink or You Will Miss It.

I have certainly experienced some of the examples in this short article in the last few weeks.

Sellers asking for buyer to pay cash for difference in purchase price and appraised value from lender?

Sellers demanding a time schedule at their convenience without flexibility.

Eliminating Home Inspections

Sellers asking for excessive dollar amounts of Earnest Money to be returned only on their terms

The TABLES have turned…not so long ago it was a buyer’s market and Buyers were the demanding party.  I remember Buyers expecting conditions of a new house when buying a 1905  property or not being approved by a reliable lender before making an offer.

WORD of Advice to both Buyers and Sellers…You do need an experienced, knowledgeable, and honest REALTOR to represent your BEST interests in today’s market.

All buyers and sellers can research the Buying and/or Selling Process, and certainly always complete due diligence but it is difficult to replace an experienced and well-respected REALTOR.

Home values are up and the interest rate is still relatively low.  It is a great time but have a team on your side of the contract.







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