Annie Sloan, Amy Winters, Edwin Loy Home ….Relieving Stress

Brass is BACK…..Maybe but 

brass light


Light painted

Annie Slone Custom Paint is fantastic…Loving our new Chandelier in the master bedroom.

There are similar paint products available but they don’t come with the owner of Edwin Loy Home,  Amy Winters.  When I shared my idea with Amy, she immediately took the time to consult and make suggestions.

Amy an art major from The Otterbein University, has the gift of seeing so many possibilities for transforming, recycling a piece for your home.  Amy did complete custom paint for this project but I have taken her classes…Amy is also an excellent teacher and she has coached me to complete several pieces in our home.

Clean with Dirtex and rinse with hot water.

Clean with Dirtex and rinse with hot water.


This was my first project…I had to take some photos in for Amy to check out, a few phone calls. but with Amy and Annie…I love this piece.

REAL ESTATE ADVICE!  If you love it, make an offer right away.  This is new for me…but it is a seller’s market.  Times have changed.  There is still time for due diligence after you make the offer.

If you are a SELLER. call me!  I need merchandise to sell.  I provide a professional stager and professional photographer to transform your home to a product to market.

Back to stress…DECORATING and CHANGING in my own home is the best way for me to relieve my own stress.  I love change!  George is the only permanent fixture in my home.






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