Landscaping Tips To Help You Sell Your Home


The outside of your home is the first thing a buyer sees when they arrive at your home. It’s their first impression and sets the tone for the rest of the showing. Here are a few tips to help you spruce up your landscaping to help you sell your home…

Touch Up Mulch

This may seem like an obvious item on the checklist, but sometimes is forgotten! When showing your home new mulch can add a clean, fresh look to your landscaping. Think of getting the kind without the manure so potential buyers do not have to endure the smell while seeing your home.

Add Some Color

Through flowers, paint, plants or pottery you can add a pop of color to your yard. Frame the front door with lovely plants in beautiful pottery. Add flowers to your landscaping that brighten up the yard and accent the home. No need to go crazy, but this can help create a welcoming feel to potential buyers.

Shape Trees and Shrubs

Tame those trees and shrubs around your home. Creating a well maintained lawn can help give the right impression that the rest of the home is also well maintained. Edge your yard, keep the grass trimmed and make sure it looks amazing the entire time it’s on the market.

Spruce Up Outdoor Containers

Typically container plants are where potential buyers enter or exit the home. Make sure they are updated and clean, not dingy and dirty. You can power wash your existing pottery or find an inexpensive alternative at your local grocery or hardware store.

Label Your Plants

Help the new buyer out by labeling your plants so they know what to research when maintaining their new yard. You can pick up simple, inexpensive garden labels at your local grocery store or hardware store.


Power washing the outside of your home can brighten up your entire home! Pay attention to your siding, walk-ways, patio or deck, windows and even the doorways. This will wash away any dirt, bugs, spider webs and create a fresh clean look for showings.


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