Goals, REAL ESTATE for the Birds



Working very hard to get all of my clients happy before I reach my goal…2 Weeks being my Grandson, Eli’s nanny in San Diego at a Young Life Camp.  Double pleasure Eli and time with Andi.  Andi is the speaker for the camp this summer…I have never heard her speak so this is double excitement for me.  As most of my clients know, I donate to Young Life for every property I sell.  Investing in our youth helps all of us in a world where there is so much unrest.

Now that I have your attention:

Real Estate for the birds…Always make sure your Realtor keeps this contingency in every purchase contract: This contract is contingent upon the property appraising at or above the agreed upon purchase price.  If not, buyer and seller have the right to renegotiate a new purchase price.  If the buyer and seller can not agree on the new purchase price, this contract is null and void.  Your lender will only fund the appraised value.  If you have stacks of money in your pocket….you can be very foolish and  pay the difference.  Stacks_of_money[1]

In some very popular areas, For Sale by Owners are taking out the Appraisal Clause, collecting larger amounts of Earnest Money, and not making any repairs found during a home inspection.  My advice…RUN!

And now…more about Birds….I was having trouble keeping birds out of my lavender bush…tiny lights that I love…scare away the birds.  Lights are in many garden stores…very inexpensive on Amazon..



It works…now just something to keep the deer away…I have been using Irish Spring Soap around some plants….and my neighbor shared at least I won’t have to worry about my deer talking dirty…I wash their mouths out with soap.

I have a great listing in Upper Arlington if you are looking in that area.  I sold the house to tw0 veterinarians who thought O.S.U. was their last stop.  U.C. Davis offered them a job they couldn’t refuse so GOODBYE Columbus.   Immediate Possession and you have time to enroll your children in UA Schools.  2560 Donna Drive, ranch, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, master and in-law guest suite.

Happy Summer…LOVING this weather!  Beautiful mornings!



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