Cheerleader for Westerville…Value Added!


I seem to always get the question,  “How can I prepare my property to sell for top dollar?”

2 secrets that many people forget…Support your local businesses, and  schools!  Just as important as home updates.

In Westerville, Ohio, my home town, our UPTOWN area has many new restaurants and stores…the BEST selection we have had …


since local restaurants and businesses could obtain a Liquor License…We now have more than fast food to choose from.  No need to travel to the Short North, Grandview any more for a night out.


Valet Parking in UPTOWN!


A Dinner Club?


So Many Little Shops and MORE….North Star to open soon….Ice Cream to choose from…Gourmet POPCORN…HELP these businesses stay open and bring more to our UPTOWN.

So tell your friends about these great spots in Westerville…please support them by giving them your business  At the same time you will be increasing the value of your property. 


Many relo families do their HOMEWORK…they check out the local schools before they purchase a home.   Support Westerville City Schools !

Find ways to give back…check out ways you may be able to volunteer…read to a child, help provide service learning opportunities, coach a youth group, share your expertise, and the list could go on…

Brag about our schools…and increase the value of your property.

Hoover, Excellent Parks, Rec Center, and trails…Otterbein University, minutes from 270 to the airport and the list could go on…..Don’t keep Westerville a Secret and I shared before…Increase the Value of your Property!


Happy Fourth of JULY to all!


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