Looking through the EYES of a Realtor on Vacation

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Just got back from vacation!  I had to readjust my thinking when looking at buildings that were 100’s of years old.  Home Inspections are such a critical process when selling or buying a home.  Of course I am not a home inspector but I have learned to spot some probable problems that need further investigation by a professional or the client needs to walk away fast.  Note to reader…in OHIO, Home Inspectors do not have to be licensed.  Ask for samples of their reports…photos, test results, descriptions, informative facts…and most important… make sure inspector provides contact information so you can call to get any needed information when you are negotiating repairs.  NEVER Buy any property without a Home Inspection…and on with my story…

So as I am walking by beautiful buildings, I am looking at vegetation growing out of gutters, cracked stones, wobbly steps, lack of railings…



Staying in beautiful hotels/houses, wondering how they added power and if the additions were up to code…As the days went by, I realized my profession has certainly changed the way I look at properties…maybe even similar to how teaching and being a parent, grandmother also changes the way I look at children.

Of course I gathered some deco ideas…my favorite:


This will be so easy to do…and change out the fall colors, add some greens, holly, and lights…Happy Holidays!

The market is still moving fast…At an OPEN HOUSE at 2560 Donna Drive, Upper Arlington, this past Sunday, I met several neighbors that are getting ready to downsize.  They came in to check out the listing and see their competition.  As we chatted…I made the same suggestions I make to my downsizers…get rid of stuff, CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN,  make sure your listing agent hires a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, and of course, here is my card.

Take care and enjoy this gorgeous OHIO Weather.






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