All White Rooms: Rustic elements and modern shapes balance beautifully in this all white living room.

I have always liked color…almost any color but just recently  changed our master bedroom to all white…I love it for relaxation and a break from other colorful, full of my treasures, some might  even say cluttered rooms in our house.   Even on those dreary days without OHIO Sunshine, it feels refreshing to open your eyes in a white room.  Just “consulting with my neighbor” and earlier this week with a former buyer about color.  I so remember thinking white walls were so unappealing.  What goes around comes around…or something like that.  The following photos are from magazines…Home Beautiful, Traditional Home, Elle Décor…not my photography.   AND BRUSHED NICKET, SILVER Going away…….GOLD and Oil-Rubbed Bronze are coming back… Just wanted to keep you up to date as you know I am always on the cutting edge!

I love seeing so many beautiful homes/styles of furnishings/and unique settings…Always my passion, (I am not on the cutting edge.)   Probably in the top 5 reasons I love being a realtor close to getting to work for wonderful/interesting/kind people, and negotiating to get a great and fair deal.


All White Rooms: Textured materials and natural elements help make this all white living room feel cozy and inviting.


All White Rooms: Natural wood accents add warmth to this sleek modern all white living room.


All White Rooms: Mirrors and metallic surfaces add shimmer to an all white dining room.


All White Rooms: Dark walls add drama to an all white dining room.

All White Rooms: Touches of blue bring color to this all white dining room.

All White Rooms: Traditional chairs stand out in this all white modern dining room.


All White Rooms: Dark wood floors, a rustic table and lots of windows make this all white kitchen very inviting.


All White Rooms: Dark wood floors ground this traditional style all white kitchen.

All White Rooms: Copper lighting fixtures stand out in this all white kitchen.

All White Rooms: White marble tiles installed in a herringbone pattern add interest in an all white modern kitchen.


All White Rooms: Very traditional furnishing bring elegance to a country cottage in this all white bedroom.

                                                                                                                                          LOVING BRINGING IN MY HYDRANGEA ….Finally, just like my Great Grandmother Schauseil’s by her kitchen door.





All White Rooms: This all white room is warmed up with the addition of vintage elements and dark woods. The white padded bed is accented with brass upholstery tacks.

All White Rooms: Nothing looks crisper than fresh white linens in an all white modern bedroom.


Have you ever decorated a room all in white? Which one of the rooms shown do you like the best?  Take the best from each and make it your own!  MOST of All, Have FUN with it!







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