Proximity or Community…Which is Most Important When Purchasing a Home? Let Me Know What you Think.

Which is most important to you and your family?  Good question which I usually ask when helping buyers select a home.  What is your travel time to and from work, school, friends and relatives, children’s activities, etc ? Are you concerned about the utilization of gas for your car(s) or do you prefer walking and/or using public transportation?  Do you work long hours and treasure every minute you have with your family and/or watching your children participate in activities?  Do you work from home?  Are you on call and need to make frequent trips back to the work site?  Do you want to live in a community where yards are large and there is  more open space?  Do you prefer neighbors that are similar in age?  Do you like to “unwind” from a day’s work in the time you spend driving home?   Do you enjoy living in a community where everyone knows your name?  Do you value neighbors that watch out for neighbors and their children?


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