Let’s Make a DEAL… Getting RID of Stuff…DECLUTTER!

TRASH Day is Friday at our House…Now after 40 years of Marriage we have STUFF that no one else wants!  We each have treasures…one of us more than the other…but we do agree that we don’t throw the other’s treasures out without permission. It is a TRUST thing.   As I help so many DOWNSIZERS, give them ideas for DECLUTTERING, and then come home to 40 years of STUFF, I hear a WAKE UP CALL.  So George…you all must know George by now…and I had a meeting and both agreed that we would select one item each week to take to the trash can.


AUGUST 7, 1976 the Collection Began…


FIRST WEEK…these are not actual photos of us…just in case you are wondering…George selected a wet suit that he has kept since high school and I not to be outdone…selected a cheerleading sweater.

scuba_suit_gtavpc_michael_directormode_fullgear_frontImage result for cheerleader sweater vintage

THE FUN Has Begun…Now even our daughters ask what is going to the trash next and of course they make suggestions.  George’s radio alarm clock with a cracked plastic cover that he has had since who knows when could be in the trash soon.  I have some framed art from high school art class…as you know I am not an artist… George just won a 30 year bet…He said our grandchildren would never sleep in our daughters’ baby bed…and the baby bed goes to the trash soon!  Even though two healthy girls…now over 30 years old survived in this dangerous contraption???out to the trash.  The high chair has passed inspection so it stays.

Of course we donate usable items to nonprofit organizations that are always in need of household items.   I feel confident that our Stuff will not be in a museum or shrine….well maybe the scuba outfit…but for now we are having fun making the selections for the trash.

SUGGESTION for getting ready to list your property…Start now!  No cost improvement, stuff sometimes weighs us down, less is more, you might make some cash, and even better, you can help a family that has an immediate need for your treasures.



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