Love this time of the year in OHIO! Secrets I hear in my car with RELOCATING Families…

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Now that I have your attention with a photo of the cutest little guy I know…Eli Joseph Linley, our grandson I will share what I hear in my car when I help families that are relocating to Central Ohio.

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I love the four seasons we enjoy in OHIO.  Not sure which is my favorite but I like change and that we have.

Surprised to HEAR:

  • Your children can get a fantastic education in a public school system
  • Housing is more than affordable
  • We are crazy BUCKEYE fans but we also have three professional teams, The Columbus Crew, The Blue Jackets and The Clippers…less than 2 hours away from Cleveland and Cincinnati professional teams
  • You can get to the airport in less than 20 minutes from any point in Columbus area
  • As one of my clients pointed out to me when I thought we were in what I would call heavy traffic, he said, “Emma, your car is moving.”
  • Columbus is a test market for many companies and products.  Wendy’s, The Limited, White Castle and the list goes on…
  • The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is the #1 Zoo in the county and second largest zoo in the world.  Yes, Jack Hanna lives in Columbus.
  • The food scene is magical…we don’t just eat meat and potatoes
  • Taxes, yes taxes are lower than most other states
  • We are the 15th largest city in the US but still have some of the small town flavor.
  • We have The Ohio State University, Capital University, Otterbein University, Ohio Dominican and Columbus State in our backyards.

The list could go on…but the same theme is that there are many good surprises in store after a few days exploring our city.


As most of my clients soon learn I was a public school teacher before I became a REALTOR.  I will be the first to agree that at times I have not been pleased with some of the decisions, expenditures, and test scores in our schools BUT relocating families do their research on local schools before they get to town.  They eliminate school districts based on what they read on the internet.  They what to know why a school levy failed along with other specific questions.  So if you have a property with three or more bedrooms, a master on the second floor, on a average size lot, a young family will most likely be your buyer.  A great school system will ATTRACT  buyers.  Voting for a school levy may cost you extra dollars but maybe not as much as many other renovations to a property.




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