Tis the Season…Ideas Galore…One of My Favorite Places with my BEST FRIENDS!


Just spent a long weekend with our two daughters…so much fun and they promised to go to one of my FAVORITE PLACES,  TERRAIN

Glen Mills, PA, Westport, Ct. and 2 new stores to open in CA…Terrain at Anthropologie & Co…..amazing ideas from many things you probably already have!



Two items you must have….tiny lights on copper wire…plug in or battery operated.  Look great anywhere!  I had some outside all summer in sunshine and rain.  MAGICAL where ever they go.  Order on Amazon or look at TJMAX or Homestore…much less$$$

I couldn’t bring spray snow home on plane but I may order.  Looks so real, not sticky or flakey…I think it can add to holiday look on natural finds found in  the woods.  Solid and there to stay on greens…I am guessing would last from year to year.



22 abcdef



Baskets of natural greens, berries…amazing together…and I only had one carry on! Wish one of our nurseries had this variety in one place.


A little gold spray paint on one side of some white trays…found in my lower level…I do love spray paint!


Everything is displayed so well…check out the legs on this table!


So many ideas and groupings…I know you have some “stuff” that would look fantastic under a piece of glass.


Tiny lights in large pine cones…I do have a collection from visiting Andi in Ca….and to think my family gets frustrated when I bring a couple of bags home.


I did purchase two of the utility light posts to use in my Village…only took a very small space in my bag.


Love this season!  Gather ideas from “window shopping” on the internet, stores, and or magazines.  Take time to check out dollar stores, Big Lots, etc. to find some of the items you may need.  Update old décor.  Get out the spray paint.  Every year, I think I will do less but then my family will ask if I am putting up the this or that from years before…and make comments about how they do appreciate and enjoy our home during the holidays…and you know what I do…DECK the Halls!  How could I disappoint these little girls?


Busy time for Realtors right now.  A few more listings, and buyers want to take advantage of the interest rates…Election is over, still unanswered questions, but the American Dream is still alive and well.  Be the first on the market in 2017.  Preparing listings right now.



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