Can You Guess which of my lovely daughters gave me this for Christmas?


I will let you think about this for some time…but I thought of this over the weekend when helping a new MD coming to The Ohio State University and then again on Sunday when working with a young couple purchasing their first home.  Yes, I am a REALTOR that has attended many classes on sales  but I find myself using some parenting skills, teaching skills, and my father’s love of service.

When working for a future Buckeye on Saturday,  of course…if you know me…we chatted all day about so many details in moving to a new city.  I must admit, I did share some of my daughter’s experiences to help provide real stories.  As I dropped her off at the airport, she shared that she was… 1. Excited to move to Columbus…much different than she imagined it could be in the Midwest.  2.  She appreciated the information I shared to help her make an important decision.  3.   As she has not been able to see her mother for the last four years, she enjoyed some of my “motherly advice”.  It was a great day for both of us.

Now on to first time buyers…  The first BIG IDEA…you can’t move until you sell this property…so you don’t mind living right next to an apartment complex or huge water storage tank… Many home buyers will not consider these properties to purchase.  Most often, I have to explain that I am in a service industry.  Please don’t keep apologizing for asking me to show you several properties as this is probably the most expensive item you have ever purchased.  Many times buyers have to go through a process where they first find out what they don’t want.

Back to the Christmas Gift…you will just have to keep guessing.  This information might be too risky to share…I do have an image to protect.

It is wise to get on the market early if you are interested in selling.  Inventory is increasing each week.  Holiday décor is put away and company has gone home.  I provide a professional stager and photographer at my cost.  Contact me to help you transform your HOME to a PRODUCT to sell.


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  1. andiyanok

    Sweet Blog … you are such a good mom! The best

    Andi Linley Sent from my IPhone


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