Balancing Work and Family…never ends!

How could I ever be in California and keep a close eye on my REAL ESTATE Business.  Two necessities for this to happen.

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So easy with Electronic Signatures to do business all over the world…just have to be aware of time changes…deadlines are deadlines!
Another key factor…I have to have an excellent Realtor, Kari Gebhardt Stumpf, who knows the business, is ethical, trustworthy, honest, hardworking, flexible, energetic, positive attitude, and the list could go on and on.  Kari and I both believe in SERVICE to our clients.  We are working for the clients and their families.
Although Kari and I are in the same brokerage (REMAX AFFILIATES), we are both independent and cover for each other.  Kari has three young boys and as you can imagine, she is one busy woman.  I have a 94 year old mother 90 minutes away, and children and grandchildren in Ca. and Pa.  THANK YOU KARI.  I simply love working with you.
So this photo really shows the love and excitement I left in California with the birth of our latest family member, Evie May. Eli, big brother, kept us all very busy!
Grandmothers like to BRAG more than new mothers…
I got home 3/11 at 1:30 AM, and taught a Listing 101 Class at the Westerville Community Center at 9:00 AM.  Teaching the class actually helped to energize me…Great class with some good thoughts, ideas, discussion.
IT is the time to LIST your property!  Unbelievable market.  I am available to help you transform your home to a product to sell.

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