Baby Boomer Could Become Minimalist

The word could might need to be replaced to should! I have spent the last week helping our daughter move to an apartment in NYC. She sorted, threw away, gave away, sold things before she left Philly. And now we are still making trips to the trash room. This has certainly opened my eyes and ears when my grown children tell me they want experiences and memories instead of gifts for any occasion.

And again today, a dear friend is moving her 97-year-old mother from a small apartment to an assisted living efficiency. In a phone conversation…our break from downsizing others…we shared we can’t wait to get home to start clearing out things.

I might even be losing my love to shop….hoping George does not read this!

On the flip side of my work here, my daughter comes home from work, and the fun begins. Enjoying restaurants has been so much fun…walking yes, but I am sure not enough to melt some pounds away.


Really enjoyed visiting Mario Batali’s Food Mall, Eataly…  so many choices, grazing delight!

Reservations tonight at Babbo, another Mario Batali restaurant.

Emily is treating me to HELLO DOLLY with Bette Midler Sunday and then home to watch the Tonys.




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