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REALTOR is Happy to Help Recognize Doctor’s at the James Last Night with my Lender from The Huntington

As most of us know, we are so fortunate to have The James right here in Central Ohio.  I am lucky to work with Kimberly Althouse from The Huntington to provide services to MD’s relocating to the Columbus area.   We work as a team to make the transition for families moving to Columbus as stress free as possible.  From touring schools for children and parents, visiting community attractions and family interests, to getting the best Dr. Loan rates, to closing on time…and the list could go on.  And we have fun during the process, as we welcome new BUCKEYES!   Thank you to Kim for inviting me to this event.  Listening to survival stories with the help of amazing doctors was the main program of this event.  I came away feeling so blessed and happy to live in Central Ohio.

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Experience is the Best Teacher in Downsizing…Free event The UPSIDE of DOWNSIZING!

One of my Teachers in Downsizing...several moves and LOTS of Stuff!

One of my Teachers in Downsizing…several moves and LOTS of Stuff!

In the last few years I have helped several families downsize.  Helping, supporting, listening, sometimes even a few tears, but finally experiencing happiness and relief are some of the emotions I have shared with my clients.  Yes, I do feel like I am learning as I help each real estate client but I think working with my brother to help my 92 year old mother go through the process has been the best teacher.  She moved from a large home to a smaller retirement home, to assisted living…and through the entire process we shared so many memories, ups and downs, and laughter!  On days when we were tired and/or frustrated, we would just remember how many times our parents helped move us to dorms, apartments, and our homes.

I have learned there are several myths about Downsizing…Some younger couples want to Downsize.  “I feel like our stuff is weighing us down.”  “I have no room and I don’t want to continue to move my Heirloom china that my great grandmother handed down to my mother that she never used but just couldn’t get rid of…and the stories go on.”   ” Will my children want to come home for the holidays if I don’t have a large dining room?”

Memories…how do I part with my things that my children don’t want?  I just saw an idea where a baby boomer took one plate from her grandmother’s china, framed it, and gave as a gift to each child.  Interesting idea!

Mark your Calendars for an EVENT Sponsored by the City of Westerville, The Huntington Bank, Title First, and Emma Yanok…that would be ME,  at the Community Center.  September 11, 2015 from 12:30-2:30.  FREE Lunch and An Opportunity to meet Numerous People that you might want to select to help you through the process and/or to help you learn more information to make a very important decision.  The even is free but you must register at The Westerville Community Center.  You can register online or in person.  Contact me for further information.  I have had great participation in teaching a Downsizing class for the last few years at the Community Center,  so this year with the help of several local companies and The City of Westerville we are busy organizing this new annual program for anyone interested.




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Barre Sculpting, Yoga, and Stair Climbing…OH MY!

Daughters are daughters…and daughters become parents to mothers…and so the cycle goes. Each time I visit my mother in a retirement village, some resident is in FAST TRACK to recover from a fall. My girls are “gently” reminding me that I need to continue trying new things, never go out of the house without make-up, stay out of certain stores, and the list could go on…..They love me!

Andi and Emily

I do LOVE Yoga…so much better than Advil and/or wine. The Yoga Factory is better than any medicine to me. Last time Andi was home, I did a quick demo…I won’t go into this story with too much detail…but she was surprised with some of my balance poses…


My latest class is called Barre Sculpt…The class is me and about 12 very,young girls…28-35 maybe. They are such sweet girls…even one used to be one of my students…and we do have fun…all the ballet positions, barre work, weights… Just this last week a mother of one of my former students joined the class…so excited to see someone a little closer in age. Her daughter mentored a PT in high school and now is a practicing PT in Chicago. Her mother reported that she hears some similar lectures from her daughter.


And my other regular exercise…climbing three flights of stairs in properties…I showed 29 homes in 2 days this week…I actually don’t even realize I am climbing so many stairs as I am usually having fun.

Have a great weekend…My Real Estate ADVICE for this week…if you like it, buy it. It may not be there the next day. Hoping to see more listings around town.

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This Made Me Laugh…only in Florida?


Just got back from a long weekend spent with 4 other couples…so much fun, and wonderful friends. Where do you see a walker in a wine cellar? Love it!

Stop in A Twist of Olives 20 S. State Street, Suite K…just go down the alley to find Rose’s shop. Promise you will have fun and learn so much. Great hostess gifts or just for your kitchen.

Practicing Yoga…so many benefits. Balance…each time I visit my 90 year old mother I am reminded that keeping your balance helps to prevent falls. Maintaining balance, improving a golf swing, relief from muscle tension or a short break for R&R…my favorite place is Yoga Factory and my favorite teacher…Gwen.

I got the paper in my flip flops this morning…yes we still get a paper…like to hold it with my coffee. I was very quickly reminded to put those shoes away and bring out the boots!

Real Estate NEWS…List now! You won’t be disappointed.

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HOME Again!

For the last few years, my daughters and husband, have freely suggested goals, steps for improvement, etc. to help me become a better person……I am grateful! They do care about me, right. I love the fact that both of our daughters try their best to help me improve/change…they both have very different styles but the combination is so valuable to me.
We all have different methods, written and shared, written and kept private, one word for the year, words in our minds for the month of January, business plans that are put in a drawer and the list could go on.

My latest goal setting practice…I guess practice is a good word…started in 2011 with Emily, our youngest daughter. She brought 2 moleskine books, of course coordinating ink, and we sat down with a good bottle of wine to write our measurable goals. It was a great experience to make our own list, share, and make suggestions for each other. The outcome was: Emily reached her goals (2011-2013), and I reached my sales goals but forgot to keep track of my personal goals. So this practice has continued…only this year we have a new color of book and ink, and we have decided to make two big changes: Quarterly reviews and a year-end bonus if all goals are reached. We were careful to make them obtainable. goals 1 Sharing goals with others seems to help make goals a realty for some…Some of mine for this year: practice Yoga three times a week, learn and practice five new technology tools for my Real Estate Business, read a book for pleasure each month(no real estate/sales/finance books count), replace service projects with visiting my mother more often…and there are more.

Wishing you a Goal Obtainable YEAR in whatever way you practice!!!
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Eat Breakfast like a King or the Real Estate teacher in Columbus, Ohio

25578086[1]Trying to be healthy…even when busy.  So eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper…or something like that.  I know Steel Cut Oats are very good and tasty when I order them in a restaurant…but they take a little too long for me.  Crock-Pot Oatmeal…ready the night before, lasts a few days, and the house smells like a bakery when you wake up…and still not too disappointing when you see Oatmeal instead of Cinnamon Rolls.

Before you go to bed, grease your crock pot….this is critical!  Add 2 cups of steel-cut oats, 6 cups of water…it will look very soupy…no fear.  Peel and dice an apple…I used two Gala…and add a dash of cinnamon.  Stir, cover, and set your crock pot on LOW.  In the morning, spoon out one serving, and enjoy.  I sprinkle 1 teaspoon of brown sugar on top of my serving…and good morning to me.  This makes enough oatmeal for a week so store the left overs in a glass container in the refrigerator.  The Steel Cut Oats will stick together after chilled.  Stir them a little before reheating in the microwave.  And as my mother would say, “This will stick to your ribs”, I am not hungary until lunch.

As most of my followers know, my first career was teaching….loved students as much as my real estate clients.   Just spent time this morning checking out FACEBOOK.  I love seeing my past students and clients and their children, grandchildren, vacations and family celebrations.  Since the time I am working in my office on the computer is my least favorite part of being a Realtor, I take breaks looking at these photos … love the photos.

Speaking of sitting at a computer and/or being healthy…I love getting massages and I have found a great person to promote:  Jennifer Pazderski, Zen Massage Studio, New Albany, Ohio.  She is just starting her business, does an excellent job, plenty of parking, in a relaxing setting, and most of all, you will know that she loves what she is doing!

One more newcomer that I would like to suggest you call if you need an insurance agent in town:  Kim Roe, State Farm Insurance.  Kim has worked with State Farm for many years in corporate office and in the field…helping many agents get started, trouble shooting, and providing education.  Yes, she is knowledgable, has strong work ethics, and loves people, need I say more.

Thankful for new listings…always happens when I am leaving town…Yanok/Linley Wedding, 9/28. MOB leaving early to complete her MOB (mother of the bride) duties.  I will be 3 hours behind but checking email and cell.  Oh dear, I will soon be a mother-in-law!   Getting so much advice…esp. from mothers of sons.  We are very lucky…getting a wonderful new son!

Empty spaces and sparkling clean...

Empty spaces and sparkling clean…

Speaking of listings…now is the time.  Spent time this week meeting with 3 longtime homeowners…”What do I need to do to get ready to list my property?”  We looked at each room, yard, and set goals.  I must share that 90% of the time, number one on the list is “GET RID of STUFF”.  I also suggested they look at model new homes in their price range and try to “copy” staging without spending any money!   I also set them up on automated searches so they can watch their neighborhood…actually view video tours of competition and get reliable information about list and sale prices.   Let me know if you need my services…good to start thinking ahead.  Who knows you might even to get rid of some “stuff” that is packed and ready for kids to take when they are home for the holidays.


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The Real Estate Teacher has the SECRET for Staying YOUNG!

60              On vacation…yes it was a fantastic vacation with my family…so fantastic that I had to call the Columbus Board of REALTORS to get my password for the MLS this morning…I purchased this little book, “Things to do Now that YOU’RE 60”.  After reading a few pages aloud…they had to listen as we were in a van on a narrow road in Ireland with no place to stop, Emily suggested that I use some of these ideas in my Blog.  In fact, in starting my second career a few years back, some of these quotes have enabled me to compete with young and old.  “Celebrate Change…you can’t stop it from happening so you may as well embrace it.”  In being a successful REALTOR today, technology is a fantastic tool that keeps me on my toes…constantly changing, saving me time, more convenient for my clients, and the list could go on.  As soon as I get familiar with a new program/process…change happens and this is a good thing…good for me and good for my clients.  Notice I did say technology is a tool…to help provide service.  We had a long conversation about the power of a handwritten note, face to face meeting when possible, and providing service long after the contract is signed…ancient treasures too often only practiced years ago.

I always enjoy reading the  At Home, Section H, of “The Columbus Dispatch”, our local paper…and yes I do still like the idea of holding a newspaper in my hands with a cup of coffee on Sunday morning.  (Sunday, August 18, 2013)   There was an article about the convenience of a “One Stop Shop” for homebuyers.  Lender, Title Company, Realtor, and Related Services all under one roof.  The author suggested buying a house should be as easy as buying a car.  As most people only buy and sell a few houses in a lifetime, they are often not sure of the process.  Buyer beware…who gets the Golden Egg.   A system of checks and balances seems to be the safest to me when making one of your largest purchases…a house.  I suggest shopping for all professionals involved in the buying and/or selling process.  When asked by my clients, I give them a list of professionals they can research and make their own choices.  I also suggest they ask friends, colleagues, and ask for references.

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