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Could Have Been EVEN a BIGGER Change at the Yanok House this Christmas!

As most of our friends and family know, we ALWAYS have a real Christmas Tree in our house during the holidays.  George has promised the girls if they come home for Christmas, we will always have a real Christmas Tree.  We have called on friends for many years to get this monster in the house…high school friends, neighbors, and good friends, Bill Irwin, are on call for the delivery.  When the girls were still home, they would help select the tree.  The bigger the better!  Watching George get in the holiday spirit??? while he struggled with the tree, was always  their favorite part of the process.

Because of allergies and sniffles, the day of going to MR. TREE and bringing home our tree is over.

This year George and I traveled to COSTCO to purchase, reluctantly a beautiful artificial tree with LIGHTS already on the tree…they even turn to color for Eli and Evie.  Knowing we needed to get a large tree, we purchased the tallest tree they had.  The box didn’t even fit in our car as a complete stranger overheard us talking about living in Westerville and offered to follow us home in his truck.  What relief we felt!  The tree is pretty, lights already on, it will pay for itself in 2 years as Mr. Tree is getting very pricey, carpet will not have water stains, no watering the tree, the family should be well and the list went on. 

Time passes and we get a call from COSTCO.

The Box the Good Samaritan Helped us Bring Home!

The Second Box that we forgot?????

Thank you to COSTCO for calling…

We can only imagine the family’s reaction if we were missing half of our new tree on December 23?  WAY TOO MUCH Change for the Yanok family.

Speaking of Change…Looking for a new home in 2018?  Get your home on the market now that the holidays are coming.  Less Competition, Only Serious Buyers are Looking During this Busy Season, and Emotion plays a HUGE ROLE in home buying…set the stage with tasteful decorations, no clutter, and help buyers imagine their next Christmas in their new COZY, HOLIDAY HOME.  Let me know if you would like the link to 5 short videos that explain how to list your house with no cost improvements. 


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Conversation in my Car this week…Phoenix and Houston

I love hearing comments from potential BUCKEYES when I am giving my Columbus Tour.

Comments I heard this week…


THIS is  rush hour TRAFFIC?



Is that a CORNFIELD?

And I always ask…do you like football…well if they say no…I let them know we have…

The BEST Damn Band!

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Deer be GONE…The Battle is Still On!

The same story.  I plant beautiful flowers, watch perennials come to bloom, and then one morning…What Happened?

YOU know what happened.  So a three step program this year.

Liquid Fence…works if you reapply every day and after every rain…

Last summer I added Irish Spring…may have helped but as my friend shared, at least the deer won’t talk dirty.

                    My latest Deer Repellent!

So I had heard…human hair…yes kind of unusual.  My hair dresser gave me hair from the salon, which I did take home.  With plastic gloves and caution, I filled burlap bags with hair and tied to my plants.

My attach this year is a 3 step process.  Please don’t share with my backyard pets when I will be leaving for vacation.

Yes they are beautiful animals and I do enjoy watching them run in the snow. but please leave me alone in the spring, summer, and fall.



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SATURDAY SCHOOL…Can be informative and FUN!

Getting ready to buy a property…your first, downsize, vacation…Come to my HOME BUYING 101 class this Saturday, 2/18/17.  Class starts at 9:00 AM at the Westerville Community Center, 350 N. Cleveland Ave, Westerville, Ohio 43081  (614-901-6500)  Stop in at the desk to register and get room assignment.  Drop ins are welcome.  One hour class with independent study if you need it.

If you ever took any of my classes, I do make learning fun!


TRUST me you need to be ready to go if you are thinking of buying in this market.

The inventory is LOW, homebuilders are still getting back to faster production BUT the interest rate is still low.



Contact me to get your PRODUCT rolling to MARKET.



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The LIFE of a REALTOR…and I have a new listing with ?

 So many amazing people…I have met the most interesting people in my Real Estate Career from literally all over the world.  From former students from my teaching career, to friends of friends, to folks relocating to Central Ohio for business and industry, to Downsizers from here and afar, to Ohio State University Applicants, Candidates and their spouses and the list could go on and on.

I love the stories I hear in my car…families, education, careers, research projects, new businesses in town, customs and cultural differences…

Actually sitting at my computer doing the house hunting, marketing, corresponding with lenders, title companies is very necessary but definitely not my favorite part of my day.  I do love people!


  I just listed a house with an author…didn’t know that fact until we reached the third floor of her German Village property.  I had noticed some books on the table on the first floor…all written by the same author…wondering why would one buy so many of the same book?  (a teacher for a classroom…gifts for a holidays…book club)

writer6So a desk, comfortable chair by a large window in a long room with a peaked ceiling…and then I noticed the evidence!  One side of the ceiling was painted with chalk board paint all the way across the room.  Words, phrases, sentences were written on the space.  She explained that this was her storyboard for her 6th book in a series.   So I begin asking her so many questions and I soon learned that she had this passion for writing when she was 9 years old.  I must say, I have never personally met a published writer in her home.   I always have my sellers write a short story about why they have enjoyed their home.  I frame the “Love Story” and place it in the kitchen of the property.  The letter includes memories, conveniences of the location, and so on.  My new seller sent me the “Love Story” for her  property yesterday.  After reading her letter,  I am in love with this fantastic property today.

All of my listings are SOLD!  I will have 2 new listings next week but I am certainly looking for listings.  NOW is the time.  Appraisals are higher and the interest rate is still low enough to help buyers make a move.  The biggest problem in the market is lack of inventory.  Competition for SOLD signs is the lowest I have seen in 12 years.  Make Your Move.  The low-cost of living, excellent public schools, shopping, restaurants and traffic in Columbus, Ohio is no longer a secret.

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91 YEAR OLD Expecting…OH MY!

So much fun visiting my 91-year-old Mother yesterday.  She has been so excited about her new great-granddaughter, Elin Grace Roe…actually the most excited she has been in the last year.   She is just beaming every time I mention her name or show her photos on my phone.  Elin’s parents, Trevor and Kim (Schmitt) Roe are the very proud parents of this…as my mother will say…PRECIOUS Little Girl.

So together we created a little excitement in her hallway…I wish I would have taken photos of the residents as they passed her newly decorated door.  We both enjoyed their reactions.   And yes, she is expecting another great-grandchild…a little boy is arriving some time in May.  Mike and Andi(Yanok) Linley are expecting a little boy in May.

So busy getting listings up before my first grand child is born.  I am on stand by….leaving as soon as I get that call.


ONLY Resident in the Retirement Village that is Expecting!?!

ONLY Resident in the Retirement Village that is Expecting!?!

The Only Resident in the Retirement Village Expecting!

The Only Resident in the Retirement Village Expecting!

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How Firm Thy Freindship…O-HI-O! I Wanna Go Back to O-HI-O State…

4 Roommates GO Back in Time

4 Roommates GO Back in Time

What a wonderful weekend! There were times when it seemed we had never left…42 years ago…yes 42 years!

Sharing old photographs…yes developed on paper. Not as easy or as inexpensive as sharing photos on our phones of our children, grandchildren, parents, vacations…

Siebert Hall, 11th Ave

Siebert Hall, 11th Ave

We had to run in with another student who had his key card…Yes, men and women and no hours to be in. As we talked to the students at the desk, we certainly entertained them with stories from the 70’s…Tear gas during the riots, and staying out all night if you were late for the 2:00 AM curfew. Curfew? What is a Curfew?
99 E. 16th Ave.

99 E. 16th Ave.

Our home in 71 and 72…3 flights of steps and one block off High Street…and still looks the same. LOCATION, LOCATION was fantastic!
Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake

Looks and “smells” much cleaner! A week too early to jump in.


Checked out the new Student Union…amazing….and do all OSU coeds wear black tight pants? This was a question one of the guys asked. Very different than our low rise, bell bottoms.
Does anyone stand for Hang on Sloppy in this section?

Does anyone stand for Hang on Sloppy in this section?

Recording Script OHIO!

Recording Script OHIO!

And things that have not changed…
The BEST Damn Band!

The BEST Damn Band!

Still Sounds the SAME!

The same Boyfriends!

The same Boyfriends!

We have over 160 years of marriage with the same four men!

So much to be THANKFUL for….these words were said over and over.

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