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NO TIME for BUYERS and SELLERS to TAKE a Siesta!


YOU will be so GLAD YOU DID!

TRULY a REAL ESTATE Fiesta…DON’T STOP to take a Siesta…..


So much fun celebrating my grandson’s 2nd Birthday with my great niece and family. (614-946-0728)




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EASY as ABC’s to Sell your Property in this MARKET!

A.  It’s all in your mind…TRANSFORM HOME with wonderful memories to A PRODUCT to SEL



D. CLEAN EVERY CORNER!  DID I say CLEAN EVERY CORNER!  Make your house look and smell like Martha Stewart just left!

E.  Graph your utility bills for the last year.

F.  HIRE a REALTOR that provides FULL TIME SERVICE to YOU…like ME!

These are the basic steps that most people don’t think about first.  Many homeowners think they need to spend, spend, spend….

Try A through F first.

Happy Selling!


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BE PREPARED in Spring 2017 Real Estate Market

Amy and Justin in front of their new home!  A happy moment, a happy couple that was ready, persistent, and succeeded in purchasing a fantastic property in this market.

Step ONE        Find a Lender that provides service and answers their phone.  Learn about the process of borrowing money and identify what price range is in your budget.

Step TWO       Find a Realtor  that provides service and answers their phone.   Select search criteria for an automated search so you know when a property first comes to the market.  Learn that online searches

are a few days or even weeks late when compared with your local Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service that are current.

Step Three      View Properties.  Learn what you like and don’t like.

Step Four        Make an offer.  If the offer is not accepted in this market, immediately go back to Step Three.  This process could be repeated several times in this market.

Step Five         Don’t panic, don’t SETTLE!  Stay positive and continue the process.  You will find a property that will be your home!

Step Six           Celebrate!


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It is All in the TIMING…Life and Real Estate!

I heard an excited voice on the phone …”Mom, this is the first time Eli and Evi are both napping at the same time!” As all parents know,  this is a short time of FREEDOM and JOY!  So many steps, preparation, trial and error, patience…but such JOY!  It can happen!

Selling  your home and purchasing a new home…closing and getting possession of your new home with ONE move…Such JOY that takes many steps, preparation, trial and error, patience…but such JOY!   It can happen!  Just helped an amazing couple through this process and the JOY is near.  I sold them their home 11 years ago before the birth of their two charming little girls…a tag team that I have enjoyed so much these last 2 weeeks.  (reminded me of a tag team that used to live in the Yanok house)

I LOVE what I do.  The Journey is part of the pleasure.

In this market you need a REALTOR that enjoys the journey!


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All in a Days Work as A REALTOR

I hire professional stagers for all of my listings…but just sometimes, my sellers may not have that item the stager suggests to complete a room…so I look in my lower level and deliver at no cost to the home owner.  Most sellers do not want to purchase items when they are moving soon….

This actually gives me a very good reason to keep “transitional” items in my house…George is never happy with the idea of transitional anything.  That is why we have been married for 41 years this coming August.

Sometimes I need to brainstorm what a room could be used for…list is framed and put in the property.

And so my client is gathering ideas for a nursery…pink?  So easy to find photos in a  magazine to add to Pinterest ideas.

Covering for a colleague that covers for me when I am traveling…love to travel and visit my girls.  All I need is electronic signatures and some colleagues to do the actual leg work when I am gone.  So great to have reliable, realtor friends that I can trust to provide service to my clients.


Giving referrals to clients…companies or people that I trust to do excellent work…


or evening…I have you covered.  I do LOVE what I do.

Spring is just around the corner.  Builders have their engines started.  There is still a low inventory of homes for sale.  Interest rates are starting to increase.  Yes, it is time to List.  Give me a call to help you get started to transform your home with memories to a product that will sell.

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Spring in OHIO in FEB????? Can I Build this?

Protected Teak Work Table

This is from TERRAIN … one of my favorite places.  I like the space but really is pretty ordinary?  How difficult can this be with repurposed wood?


My make shift table/? on our deck is slowly falling apart…It is an old school lab table found at the Flea market with a shelf from another old display piece from an antique store… So where should I go to find a replacement…


Habitat for Humanity…Springfield Flea Market Extravaganza is in May?  The search is the most fun.

SPEAKING of SEARCHING…I am searching for LISTINGS!  CRAZY time to Sell.  And where will I move after my house is sold is a common question.  There are several options: 1.  Rent back from the new owner until you find suitable housing  2.  Write the contract contingent on seller finding housing.  3.  Move in with family…it can be a solution?  4.  Start looking as soon as you list your property.  Some sellers will take your offer contingent on the sale of you property but you at least have to already have your property listed on the market.  As my mother…yes, my mother always says…”Where there is a will, there is a way!”  Contact me, I would love to work with you.



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Wish I would have known about the Sofa Doctor…

So your sofa will not fit through a door…take the legs off…and the sofa still doesn’t fit through the opening…In NYC, you call the Sofa Dr.

My daughter explained, in less than 30 minutes, the Sofa Dr. takes the sofa apart … and full recovery only takes a few minutes.


Wishing listings were coming up as fast as my paperwhites!  Unbelievable…I now have eight, approved buyers waiting for a listing that matches their search criteria.  My advice to buyers, don’t panic, listings will come to the market.  Sellers, you are in the drivers seat.   I provide a listing consultation that includes net to seller, professional stager and photographer to help you transform your home to a product to sell.



Enjoy this Spring like weather…Winter has certainly not left.


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