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Time to Give

As we grow up, kids are adults and in their own homes, we have a little more time to give back.  In my first career I arranged for high school students to learn through being involved in Service Learning.  Wow, so many teachable moments!  Now George and I are both brainstorming…Honor Flight, Rocking Babies at Children’s Hospital, Reading to children or listening to children read, the list goes on and on.  Time to explore.  Time to give is not measurable bu valuable.  Hoping this is going to fun and filled with new experiences.

Extra funds are also needed by so many organizations.

Andi, our oldest daughter was born a leader…Her second grade teacher once shared that if Andi did anything wrong, it was her idea.  She is an amazing leader  (she will say you amazing…you are my mother)  for a nonprofit, YOUNG LIFE.  The mission is devoted to introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.  Funds are always needed to help with ongoing programs and sending teens to summer camps.  I do donate funds from my commission on every property I sell….a small way to support tomorrow’s most valuable resource..our YOUTH.

OPEN to any ideas for service projects as George and I do some thinking.  FYI….time will be limited during golf season and spring when the real estate market clicks!




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Education is Free…Just Bring a Container.

street signTwo different Real Estate clients PLANTED the SEED for me to visit Otterbein University…10 minutes from our home in Westerville, Ohio to investigate LIFE LONG LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES.  Golf season is coming to an end in Ohio, so I encouraged my newly retired husband of 43 years to accompany me for a campus tour.

1.  Campus is much smaller than my Alma Mater…The Ohio State University, no lines to get information, and a parking pass is not needed.  Easy walk to Uptown Westerville…just like a hike to High Street back in the days.

2.  Still much smaller than Case Western Reserve where George earned his degree but  similar setting with a few classes in smaller buildings and private homes in the middle of campus.

3.  We soon learned we could not sign up for lab classes or foreign languages.  I wasn’t too disappointed to pass up chemistry but we would have liked to try some music classes and foreign languages.

4.  After searching the Course Catalog, we have selected Comm 4100, Gender and Communication.   I am eager to hear the next generations perspectives and ideas in class discussions.  I intend to only share a few life experiences and stories, but this may become difficult at times.  We may be needed for historical facts or beliefs???

5.  NO Tuition, NO Tests,  NO Class absence excuses needed….


THANK YOU to my past clients who shared their experiences.  Again I enjoy the contacts I have with people buying or selling their homes.  Real Estate is a PEOPLE business to me.







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Pumpkin Time…So MANY Ways

LOVE Decorating for Fall. Saw this glass vase with copper on the bottom…so easy to replicate…thank goodness for spray paint.

PUMPKIN Time…had to ask George to stop at Renick’s Pumpkin Farm on Route 23.  Remember stopping there with my Father almost every time we made the trip from Waverly to Columbus.  The market was open 12 months a year in those days.  I found some interesting pumpkins and George found an apple pie.

Both our finds ended up on the kitchen table before the day was over.

IRON and Elm located in Clintonville  or Easton…  good place to find some ideas for using STUFF in our lower level.

George honestly thinks I have been to too many home inspections…and that I look for possible repairs in our house BUT it is time to schedule gutter cleanings, HVAC check ups, replace filters, making sure all is tightened up for the winter and checking it TWICE.

Market has slowed down but there are ALWAYS families moving to Central OHIO…and they all seem to be surprised by all we have to offer……and soon learn to love the life in the Midwest!



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Now that I have your attention,  MIGHTY E Jr. and MIGHTY E are getting ready for the holidays in our backyard…not Rudolph!

This is my best year in my Second  Career of being a REALTOR…I am hitting my Target and still having FUN!   I appreciate all and every referral.

Great people bring great clients = my marketing plan.

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Realtor collects 42 years of Personal Housing Stories to Help Clients Make Educated Decisions


Milestones in Housing from the beginning of Mr. and Mrs. Yanok

First Apartment    How to break a lease???

  • Found an apt. on Northwest
  • Blvd. in Grandview
  • Talked the owner in to leasing to a unmarried woman before wedding. and the me too mother was with me.  He decided since I was a HOME ECONOMICS Teacher, I would be like renting to Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker back then…70’s.
  • I then decided to look a little closer  to my school and found the same apt. just a little East of Bexley, for less money and closer to work…Yes, I took my mother back to the owner of the Grandview Apt. and after some fast talking, I was able to break the lease.

 LESSON LEARNED…Do your homework before you sign the lease!  



First New Build     Allowances, Selections, Time Frame, Construction Loans

  • Being 26 years old and only renting, we only interviewed one builder that owned the lot we had selected.
  • Each selection was a process and always seemed to be just a little over the allowance.  We only went to the builder’s preferred vendors.  To our credit, the internet was not a shopping center at that time.
  • Because our builder was building several homes, he used some of our money to complete other new builds.  Then as time went by materials for our house increased in price and we were expected to make up the difference.

              LESSON LEARNED…….Interview and Hire a Diligent REALTOR to watch out for YOU.  


Second New Build   Think of the end use.  Talk to others that have just gone through the process                                                                                                        

  • George readily told me whatever we learned 17 years ago, is not applicable today.
  • The home builder and his sales staff represent the builder.  You need someone to represent you.  A good realtor earns their money otherwise left to the builder.
  • We found lights from a wholesale electric supply to select fantastic lights for less money.
  • Not being a realtor at that time, somehow we created an OPEN FlOOR Plan based on what we had learned from parenting experiences with two young girls…always able to see and hear most of their activities and conversations with friends.  Yes, our house was full of friends…
  • So glad we upgraded to a unusually large granite island in the kitchen which became a workplace for all…science projects, art supplies, calculus study groups, cleaning lacrosse sticks and golf clubs and the list could go on
  • We decided to build our retirement home on the first floor…yes our Pine Box Home

LESSON LEARNED…Make sure all family members have some input and/or consideration.  Plan for the future.

As the market changes, I learn and share new ideas, concerns, advantages, disadvantages, points to remember to help guide my clients to make the BEST decisions for their families.

                                                                                                              LOVE being a REMAX Realtor!


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Realtor Travels Coast to Coast

My blog has been on the Back Burner so to speak…CA…Evie and Eli

NYC…Emily works and George and I play!  Loving that arrangement.

And what a difference in Real Estate.  Central OHIO is a great $$$$$$ place to live.  I hear all the reasons in my car as I help bring families to OHIO.  Very excited to provide a tour for a family of 3 that may soon be BUCKEYES  and the most exciting request is that they want to see WESTERVILLE first on their tour this weekend.  WOW,  where do I start?

  • Amazing School System with DEDICATED teachers
  • Home of Otterbein University
  • Affordable Housing
  • LOCATION…10 minutes to Airport, 270, 70,
  • Uptown, Easton, Polaris, Hoover, Alum Creek, Community Center, Parks and Recreation Choices

YES!  I am excited to SHOW OFF the City where George and I have lived since 1978!  Great place to Raise a Family.  Great place to Work.  Great place to RETIRE.


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Protecting Real Estate and Menu for Furry Friends

Chipmunks….so cute but such a destructive animal…holes and tunnels but they are so cute…Listed below are remedies that might help.

Suggested by both neighbors…

Menus:  Peanut butter with one blueberry in the middle or Peanut butter sandwich…only the best blueberries…suggest Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods..prefer crunchy peanut butter

Added addition to the MENU:


Deer…another pest.  They are so beautiful to watch in the winter but so bold in the summer.  I wouldn’t be too surprised if they were relaxing in lawn furniture on our deck…

Suggestions…change the deer repellent…Inniswoods was my source…

As one friend that saw me using this method …at least they won’t talk dirty???

My latest Deer Repellent!  Just got my hair cut yesterday…human hair in a burlap bag?

Remedy for snakes….Scream!

I do love mother nature but like to see a balance.

Happy Summer MONTHS!



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