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A Quick Trip to Lowe’s Ended in a Three Month Relationship, Bath Renovation


George and I (41 years of marriage, and 2 custom homes during that time) decided…well I decided and then sold the idea to George that we needed to update our master bath.  I interviewed 2 popular contractors and got the same results.  No LID on the expense, no dates for completion, contractors highly recommended I select materials from their preferred vendors….even though I might not have the time or like the selection for this process and the conditions or really no conditions….well the list could go on.  So on a whim, I decided to take a look at Lowe’s on Polaris Parkway.  I was curious but I knew…….not Lowe’s in my Custom Chateau???  The magic began when I met Theresa Bartok, Project Specialist Interior.


After visiting our home, Theresa drew up several plans, and together we selected products.  This book was created with every detail and a detailed timeline for each stage of the renovation.  All warranties, product information, and more.  As many of you know, I am a former educator…I love notebooks!.   This helped prepare me for my Sales Job to George.

Ok…it started right here. Goodbye green tile and this lovely bathtub only our grandchildren use!  Another GEM in this process was Anthony Pollina, General Contractor from Stouter Construction.  So why was Anthony such a GEM?  He texted or called almost every day to share who was coming and what they would be doing.  He called to remind me if no one was coming and shared why.  Stouter is a family business and many of the craftsman had worked for Anthony’s father for years.   They were experienced and pleasant to have in your home.

Can’t say we miss the HUGE TUB.  I was concerned as I show many homes that have removed tubs and there is just an awkward space. And to George’s JOY, I only purchased a rug…all was in our lower level.   Well, I did purchase what I call the Jewelry of the Master…the Chandelier.  BUT a Bargain at ARHAUS Warehouse, The LOFT  at 3791 Parkmill Run Drive…just a mix of some old Stencil paint in the lower level and Ta Da!

From a Lowe’s Representative checking the delivery of all product at the beginning to Theresa’s guidance and communication to Anthony and his daily texts and excellent crew to phone calls from Mark Moeller, Lowe’s quality control…and the list could go on.  So everyone asks me was it inexpensive…NO but at least we knew exactly the cost…not a range with no LID.  The job was completed in the estimated time.  “The right hand knew what the left hand was doing.”   One other perk…we bought Lowe’s gift cards at Giant Eagle for the project….Free gas for three months!!!  This came in handy when we had 3 additional drivers during the Holidays.

Words from this REALTOR…Where should a home owner put the $$$ if updating……BATHROOMS and KITCHENS!



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Why YOU need an Experienced Realtor representing you when building a NEW HOME…

When you buy new construction, the home’s builder is the seller, and the agent representing the builder is called the builder’s agent.  The builder uses his own purchase contract and of course his team is interested in making the most profit possible for the work.  You, the buyer, need representation for the following reasons:

  1.  An experienced agent will help you include what questions to ask from day one and provide objective professional advice.
  2. Negotiating sales price
  3.  Reviewing plans to eliminate numerous change charges
  4.  Recommending financing
  5.  Negotiating extras
  6.  Visiting the construction site
  7.  Help buyers select their upgrades and keep them within the pricing for the neighborhood.
  8. Realtors can provide information on best upgrades that will give buyers  best return of their dollars.
  9.  Accompany you through inspections, punch outs, and walkthroughs
  10.  Builders are aware.  They know experienced and respected Realtors talk to other colleagues about the experiences of their clients.
  11.  Happy and satisfied buyers = Happy and satisfied Realtors = More Business for the Builder

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“NEVER SETTLE. There is no RUSH.” Mark Cuban


YES, the inventory of homes in Central Ohio is extremely low.  Yes, a buyer may be competing with other buyers when they make an offer on a property but NEVER SETTLE.

There will always be another house!   If you settle on location, quality, schools, size, ranch or 2 story…and the list could go on you may live to regret your second or third choice.

In working with DOWNSIZERS…I am working for one this week…I have to remind them if you want a ranch, why buy a 2 story with a master on the first floor?  Why heat and cool the second floor when you don’t plan to use the space?  Will you want or need to move again in a few years?  Do you want to go up or down stairs to a utility room?

LOCATION…When working for young couples who share they are planning on a family…Don’t settle.  Investigate schools and move to a area with a  great school system unless you plan on moving in a few years.  Trying to sell a 3 or 4 bedroom 2 story may prove to be difficult in a low achieving school district.

Don’t hurry, be pushed by a realtor, or settle on probably one of the largest items you will purchase in a lifetime.   You cannot return a property…you have to sell it before you can move on.



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Big REVEAL…Local Realtor FEELS the Guilt

This is the picture I see in my mind as I am instructing sellers to declutter their home.  As they share the significance and memory attached to each item (maybe with a tear) , I say “This must be stored or here is a list of places to get rid of stuff!”  I keep seeing this  picture in my head, as I feel the GUILT!  I do share items from my COLLECTION when my stager feels they need a certain extra touch in a room to help save my client $$$ but and you know the rest of the story.  The storage area of our basement is becoming my no cash and carry for enthusiastic friends and relatives.


I still have my daughters elementary school papers, art masterpieces, and the list could go on….And just like most adult children, they don’t want any of these precious items filed away for safe keeping.  This year when starting the job of putting away holiday decorations, I threw away the following with tears….A Pretzel wreath, made by Andi at Central College Preschool, a handmade holiday plate designed by Emily at Robert Frost Elementary.  I am somewhat selective, as some childhood items are being used by our grandchildren when they come to OHIO…hoping they want to take them home.

Many sellers want to spend $$$ making improvements they have always wanted to increase the value of their property.  My advice why now, when you are moving on.

CLEAN and DECLUTTERED  is where you begin…and then hire an energetic, honest, caring, experienced Realtor that would be somewhat like ME.

Check out my tips on YOUTUBE!  More on YOUTUBE…NO COST.  Enjoy.


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Hottest Trends in Genoa Township and Interior Design for 2018

My grandson and son-in-law are on board to the hottest trends…Thank you to Officer Tyler at the Genoa Township Fire Dept. for an excellent tour of the firehouse today!

Always fun to review the various lists of Trends in Interior Design at the beginning of the year.

  1.  BOLD Colors for 2018   Sherwin-Williams Oceanside SW 6496 is nominated for the Best Color!  Deep violets and orange?
  2. MIXED Metallics….So glad to see this in many homes today, forget the old rules
  3. The use of Gen Z Yellow…..thank you to Beyoncé.
  4. The use of Quartz…more colors, easy to clean, and more versatile   Just put in our updated master bath and agree!
  5. Light Textured Wood Floors…much easier to clean!  And my husband wants to refinish our wood floors when after years, we have so much texture!
  6. More use of Natural Materials, less is more, use of wicker and rattan with a modern edge
  7. Concrete in unexpected areas…I would love to try on our kitchen counters but not sure about the maintenance.
  8. Black fixtures with matte finishes …very easy to keep clean
  9. Larger tiles, goodbye subway tiles!  Less grout equals less cleaning!  Love the use of larger tiles, less grout, and more calming without all the lines.

Market is heating up too.

I have 3 new listings soon to be on ready for market…two in Westerville and one in Blacklick.

Get on Board to be included in the first wave of listings for 2018 while it remains a Seller’s Market!

Contact me for listing appt.  I will provide a professional stager as well as a professional photographer to help you transform your home to a product ready to go to market.


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Master Bath in PINE BOX House is Progressing! LIGHTING for Less!

Contractor calls this RENOVATION of Master Bath…PB Project.  PB does not stand for Pottery Barn but Pine Box as George keeps reminding us all we are never moving!

Excitement for me is to find a chandelier for Bath that is what I imagined and an excellent price.  Arhaus Warehouse is the place to go…esp when they offer 60% off discounted prices.  This light was hanging in a store and just needs a couple of simple repairs…that maybe even I can do.


I have a couple small pieces missing from my “bargain light” so I decided to stop by the closest Arhaus Retail Store to order the pieces missing.  And I saw my light hanging in the store as a new option this Fall.  My Warehouse Light = 75% off


Many choices at the Warehouse Store and Continually Changes…

Bargain lighting is exciting to me…actually the search but this next photo is also exciting to me.

10 outlets in my new bathroom appliance garage…toothbrush, hair dryer, flat iron, water pik, light, phone charger, clothes steamer, clarisonic. …all can be plugged in and stored away…not on the counter!  I am excited to have a clean and clear counter!

I do love helping clients when building or renovating… Updated Inventory, now called Pinterest,  is part of my Intellectual Property that makes being a REALTOR so much FUN!  I do love what I do!





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Conversation in my Car this week…Phoenix and Houston

I love hearing comments from potential BUCKEYES when I am giving my Columbus Tour.

Comments I heard this week…


THIS is  rush hour TRAFFIC?



Is that a CORNFIELD?

And I always ask…do you like football…well if they say no…I let them know we have…

The BEST Damn Band!

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