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NO TIME for BUYERS and SELLERS to TAKE a Siesta!


YOU will be so GLAD YOU DID!

TRULY a REAL ESTATE Fiesta…DON’T STOP to take a Siesta…..


So much fun celebrating my grandson’s 2nd Birthday with my great niece and family. (614-946-0728)




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EASY as ABC’s to Sell your Property in this MARKET!

A.  It’s all in your mind…TRANSFORM HOME with wonderful memories to A PRODUCT to SEL



D. CLEAN EVERY CORNER!  DID I say CLEAN EVERY CORNER!  Make your house look and smell like Martha Stewart just left!

E.  Graph your utility bills for the last year.

F.  HIRE a REALTOR that provides FULL TIME SERVICE to YOU…like ME!

These are the basic steps that most people don’t think about first.  Many homeowners think they need to spend, spend, spend….

Try A through F first.

Happy Selling!


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MORE Exploring for LOW COST accessories, etc.



LOVE exploring for good stuff!  When my good friend and neighbor called me on Friday night and asked if I was ready to explore…she is an excellent picker…off we went.   Sharing old stories about such trips from years ago, laughing about nothing,  and brainstorming “repurpose ideas”…no Pinterest needed in this car.  First stop…

Voted BEST BOOTH by us…VintagedMod-pick,salvage>repurpose!  Instagram-vintagemod.pick.salbage.repurp

Emily Windle-Halpin.   Located in Delaware County.  Emily shared she has monthly sales, which you can check out.

My NEW pile of JUNK……as my husband and best friend described…

Love this collection…base is a former Soil tester with all the info. on the rim…When I sell a piece of property, the soil does have to be tested before closing to make sure the land is buildable.  This is the former method…a sieve is the bottom…brass with the black metal tag still on this “piece of junk”.  The ring with the numbers is an old dial that came from an old gas pump…the numbers you see when filling your car with gas. I already had some old pulleys…I use for hanging pictures, etc , a succulent and topped off with my favorite final touch… A Cloche!

Had to stop by the Grandma BAIT Store…….Evie needs to learn all about Brutus and his followers!

Off for another adventure this weekend…building business alliances with Kimberly Althouse, Huntington, Kari Stumpf, REMAX Affiliates, and Wendi Diersing, Great American Title.  Now that I am bringing the subject back to Real Estate, it is soooooo important to partner with other professionals that you can depend on to complete all details on their end of the contract.  In this market, it takes a TEAM that can work together.  And the best part of this team, our professional development includes lots of fun!
Two listings in Westerville…coming up soon!


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Elm and Iron….newest location

 Elm & Iron Easton

 Newest location is now OPEN.  I promise you will love strolling through this store…I must admit many of these items look so familiar.  Could they be in my lower level?  Some are from my Great Grandmother Schauseil’s house or gathered at the Springfield Flea Market and years of collecting…junk, George would say.  So if you want to collect without the journey, this could be a one stop shop.

Elm & Iron

What we all NEED!  For VINO???

(614) 428-1230
4170 Easton Gateway Drive

Monday-Thursday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday-Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: Noon – 6:00 PM
*Subject to Change


Warehouse in Clintonville…a good stop too!

NOTE to READER…..Not the kind of “stuff” you need when staging your home to become a product to sell.  TWO very different things.


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All in a Days Work as A REALTOR

I hire professional stagers for all of my listings…but just sometimes, my sellers may not have that item the stager suggests to complete a room…so I look in my lower level and deliver at no cost to the home owner.  Most sellers do not want to purchase items when they are moving soon….

This actually gives me a very good reason to keep “transitional” items in my house…George is never happy with the idea of transitional anything.  That is why we have been married for 41 years this coming August.

Sometimes I need to brainstorm what a room could be used for…list is framed and put in the property.

And so my client is gathering ideas for a nursery…pink?  So easy to find photos in a  magazine to add to Pinterest ideas.

Covering for a colleague that covers for me when I am traveling…love to travel and visit my girls.  All I need is electronic signatures and some colleagues to do the actual leg work when I am gone.  So great to have reliable, realtor friends that I can trust to provide service to my clients.


Giving referrals to clients…companies or people that I trust to do excellent work…


or evening…I have you covered.  I do LOVE what I do.

Spring is just around the corner.  Builders have their engines started.  There is still a low inventory of homes for sale.  Interest rates are starting to increase.  Yes, it is time to List.  Give me a call to help you get started to transform your home with memories to a product that will sell.

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I Needed to Stand up for Columbus…at a Knitting Shop in Dublin

Image result for photo of ohio

I was getting some finishing details/instructions for my new granddaughter’s blanket at Knitting Temptations in Dublin…..By the way, I am on call 24/7 to make a less than 15 minute ride to John Glenn Airport with probably no waiting line to travel to CA. (only in Columbus, Ohio)   Well can you imagine that moi…as shy as I am, started a conversation with two lovely ladies knitting at a table.  Some how the conversation centered around me being a Realtor???  Well one “worldly and I am sure wise lady”  shared all the reasons she doesn’t like living in Central Ohio.  When she learned that I help families coming to town from all over the world, I actually do anymore…she wanted to learn what ever would I share with them about Columbus, Ohio…or even the entire state of OHIO.  I shared a few stories… and hidden secrets about our town.  Interesting enough, the other lady who was quiet but did listen to the conversation,  asked for my email address and sent me this link I am sharing with you.

Fantastic Restaurants, Affordable Housing, Little Traffic, Easton Town Center…shopping, Columbus Symphony, Ballet Met, A Newly Renovated Art Museum, The Wexner Center, COSI, The Columbus Zoo, Friendly Folks…We Midwestern Folks are happy people, numerous outstanding PUBLIC Schools as well as a state filled with Colleges and Universities… Professional teams…Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, and our BUCKEYES.

Most of my happy new Buckeyes are most impressed by the FRIENDLY PEOPLE and THE COST OF LIVING…..Ohio is great place to live.  (Do you think I can sell my own children and grandchildren on this idea?)  Just teasing…I am happy when they are happy and OFF my PAYROLL.

Helping a wonderful, young couple purchase their first home.  They have A+ Credit and are very flexible on type of housing and location.  We have written 5 contracts in the last month.  Their lease is up in March and they are somewhat in a panic mode.  We are now in competition with three other buyers after the seller eliminated 7 other offers.  You should have seen their faces…when I shared you could move in with your parents for a few weeks…think of the $$ you could save.    IT IS A FANTASTIC TIME TO SELL!

Enjoy the Weekend in Sunny or Rainy, or Snowy OHIO.  We just never know.






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Wish I would have known about the Sofa Doctor…

So your sofa will not fit through a door…take the legs off…and the sofa still doesn’t fit through the opening…In NYC, you call the Sofa Dr.

My daughter explained, in less than 30 minutes, the Sofa Dr. takes the sofa apart … and full recovery only takes a few minutes.


Wishing listings were coming up as fast as my paperwhites!  Unbelievable…I now have eight, approved buyers waiting for a listing that matches their search criteria.  My advice to buyers, don’t panic, listings will come to the market.  Sellers, you are in the drivers seat.   I provide a listing consultation that includes net to seller, professional stager and photographer to help you transform your home to a product to sell.



Enjoy this Spring like weather…Winter has certainly not left.


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