Don’t Be a Drive By…when Listing

Excellent first impression is key when listing your property which is now a PRODUCT TO SALE.  Many times when a buyer is new to the area, they will select many properties to view in a limited time.  So unfortunately,  if the entrance is not attractive, the property might be a drive  by.

front doors

Clean windows, light fixtures, and season decor is best.


Don ‘t show your colors…You must attract all buyers!



                                     And of course shovel sidewalks and drive!

Inventory is at a record low number.  Start planning ahead to give your PRODUCT a jump start!

EmmaYanok @



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Shopping for a NEW LOOK without $$$???

I never in a million years ever thought I would be tired of shopping for Home Goods and Decor but…….this time has come.  Because my “lower level or basement” is so full,  I enjoy looking for new uses and combinations of the many “transitional items” I already have.


Ideas…throw some pumpkins on some moss in not one but three glass jars…Looks festive to me.  And now back to my inventory…It is always easy to throw some priceless junk in a cloche.



Tray is a soil tester from Delaware County, a succulent, a gas tank meter with numbers, an old pulley from a bucket at the Springfield Flea Market…and these things do make me happy.  Everything looks better under cloche and a much better conversation piece.


So how can changing a few things make me happy…I enjoy the process of design in my very own eclectic way…without making a purchase.  This is such a harmless hobby.

Helping couples downsize and getting rid of stuff…it is not easy or stress free! I do help with compassion and comfort as I know I some day will be in their shoes.   I am starting to enjoy the challenge of using my accumulated collection from my grandparents, mother, and yes of course past shopping instead of purchasing new.

Note to reader: Please do not share this information with George, my husband just in case I decide to purchase an item. 


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Is it Possible to Be AWAY from REAL Estate Business?

Checking out some properties with no basement…well no foundation…attached to docks…Victoria.  Who does this Home Inspection?   And a Castle in Vancouver…checking out the roof…who would you call for licensed roofer?  I have developed “NEW EYES” when traveling.

Thank you to Kari Stumpf, REMAX Affiliates, for providing EXCELLENT service to my clients while I was on vacation.   I work with fantastic people.

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Less than SIX Times to LEARN…

Most families BUY and SELL a property less than SIX  times in a lifetime with  several years between these transactions…SO just like everything else in our world…things change.  As a client  remarked, “What ever we learned regarding buying and selling a property is  changed.”

Being a retired teacher and starting a second career as a REALTOR 15 years ago, I continue to teach and even use a few Handouts!  Love this Process MODEL that is useful for clients to follow.  What is a teacher without handouts???


After reviewing and selecting reliable references when buying or selling one of the largest purchases most people make it is so important to select accurate information.  Select a REALTOR that surrounds themselves with knowledgeable, ethical, and experienced professionals.

HELPING Families Make Educated Decisions Has Always Been MY BUSINESS!

Em 1


BUILDING, BUYING, SELLING…School is in Session.



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Fear to Make the MOVE…Take a Chance!

street sign

So many EMPTY NESTERS are ready to downsize but just can’t find a smaller ranch or a ranch style condo in a desirable location where they can walk to restaurants, shops, etc.

These folks do not want to take the risk of listing their current home as they have no idea where they will move to…This is a COMMON concern I hear from clients.


  1.  While waiting to list your current home complete two main tasks.  GET RID of as much “stuff/treasures” as possible.  I will admit many of my treasures are only my treasures but they will have to go.  As a professional auctioneer told me one day, ” if your children don’t want your grandmother’s china, why would anyone else want to purchase these treasures?
  2. CLEAN your property as you have never done before!
  3. Compile all records of maintenance and updates completed in the last ten years.
  4. Write a Love Story about your house which is limited to one page.  You know your house better than anyone else.  Be ready to share this information.
  5. Contact a super realtor like EMMA YANOK that will be patient, understand the stress involved with any type of change, and set you up on an automated search for your new home.  Meet with your realtor to look at comparative properties in your neighborhood.
  6. Look at finances with your financial adviser.  Ask your realtor for a NET to Seller estimate so you know what your proceeds will be from the sale of your existing  property.
  7. Bottom line…DO YOUR HOMEWORK ahead of time.
  8. The more you learn about making this next step, the less fear and stress you will experience.


Emma Yanok

  REMAX Affiliates


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Bringing Wolverines Down to OHIO…Crossing the STATE LINE

Love helping new Buckeyes find a home near THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.   Easy assignment as I love selling what I LOVE…OHIO STATE and Central OHIO.  Spent most of my morning yesterday helping a family from Ann Arbor find a REMAX Realtor to list their property in Michigan so they can move to the other side.  After using the REMAX Referral system, interviewing several agents in Ann Arbor, I found the ONE.

Before we got to the topic of REAL ESTATE, we discussed facts, myths, stories related to our respective universities.  I did learn some interesting historical facts and some new words for our fight song.

Of course I reminded him of the Wins and Losses of the last few years… Thankful for the REMAX INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY.  I was able to find a experienced Realtor that had just sold several properties in the prospective Buckeye’s neighborhood.  They are meeting today!  Ann Arbor Realtor got several points for answering his phone on 12/26 and meeting with my client 12/27.

I did not share this photo with my new friend in Ann Arbor yet…But he was impressed that I admitted I will cheer for any BIG TEN team once, THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY is out of the game……even that team up North.

Back to REAL ESTATE … LIST AS SOON AS you get your holiday decorations down and your company has gone home.  The Early Bird GETS the Worm.



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Time to Give

As we grow up, kids are adults and in their own homes, we have a little more time to give back.  In my first career I arranged for high school students to learn through being involved in Service Learning.  Wow, so many teachable moments!  Now George and I are both brainstorming…Honor Flight, Rocking Babies at Children’s Hospital, Reading to children or listening to children read, the list goes on and on.  Time to explore.  Time to give is not measurable bu valuable.  Hoping this is going to fun and filled with new experiences.

Extra funds are also needed by so many organizations.

Andi, our oldest daughter was born a leader…Her second grade teacher once shared that if Andi did anything wrong, it was her idea.  She is an amazing leader  (she will say you amazing…you are my mother)  for a nonprofit, YOUNG LIFE.  The mission is devoted to introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.  Funds are always needed to help with ongoing programs and sending teens to summer camps.  I do donate funds from my commission on every property I sell….a small way to support tomorrow’s most valuable resource..our YOUTH.

OPEN to any ideas for service projects as George and I do some thinking.  FYI….time will be limited during golf season and spring when the real estate market clicks!




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Local REALTOR Receives International Award!

So I have your attention!!!

Just as in my previous career, I share family stories when selling properties.  Stories seem to be a fun…hopefully informative way to teach.  As a Realtor, I am teaching and negotiating…the two main skills. I often hear from young parents…OH I HATE TO SEE the BEST years go “bye”  with my toddlers.  And I often share that being a parent gets better every year if you have done your Parenting Homework as your children grow up and are  blessed with a loving community of assistance as the years roll by.

So MY AWARD…….6 days in France with these two!

As they tell me every once in a while…They are grown women.  To me that means George and I are tuition free and they are off our pay roll.

Rooms in our little apartment in wine country.

The view out of a bedroom window…..Cutesville for sure!  My grown women know what I like.

Farm market steps from our apartment…

And time in Paris.   This is the best award…sharing time with my Grown Women.


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Education is Free…Just Bring a Container.

street signTwo different Real Estate clients PLANTED the SEED for me to visit Otterbein University…10 minutes from our home in Westerville, Ohio to investigate LIFE LONG LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES.  Golf season is coming to an end in Ohio, so I encouraged my newly retired husband of 43 years to accompany me for a campus tour.

1.  Campus is much smaller than my Alma Mater…The Ohio State University, no lines to get information, and a parking pass is not needed.  Easy walk to Uptown Westerville…just like a hike to High Street back in the days.

2.  Still much smaller than Case Western Reserve where George earned his degree but  similar setting with a few classes in smaller buildings and private homes in the middle of campus.

3.  We soon learned we could not sign up for lab classes or foreign languages.  I wasn’t too disappointed to pass up chemistry but we would have liked to try some music classes and foreign languages.

4.  After searching the Course Catalog, we have selected Comm 4100, Gender and Communication.   I am eager to hear the next generations perspectives and ideas in class discussions.  I intend to only share a few life experiences and stories, but this may become difficult at times.  We may be needed for historical facts or beliefs???

5.  NO Tuition, NO Tests,  NO Class absence excuses needed….


THANK YOU to my past clients who shared their experiences.  Again I enjoy the contacts I have with people buying or selling their homes.  Real Estate is a PEOPLE business to me.







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Time and Change…another REALTOR Perspective

When I first meet a client I always remind them what I am not…financial adviser, real estate atty, home inspector, architect, lender, professional photographer  and the list could go on.  I know my limitations and I surround myself with ethical, talented, experienced professionals for those roles.  There is no training for the some of the situations I experience when I am working for my clients.

EXAMPLES:  Downsizing, Divorce, Relocation, Family Illness, Helping children make an easy transition to a new school, Helping following spouse with ideas for career change, coming to a new country…..and the list continues with each client …

I have helped this 95 year old downsize  so many times.  My brother and I have learned so much about downsizing and getting rid of stuff.  Experience is such a good teacher.

Of course this Brutus is my mother and I just delivered her Halloween costume.

Our youngest daughter, Emily was just home for her Birthday.  This plate hangs on the wall in our pantry and has been used for many celebrations.  As I was putting it back on the wall, I was thinking, will this end up at Goodwill Store or treasured by a family member.  These experiences help me have a HEART for my clients.  Just recently I have been helping a retired couple returning to OHIO.  They have made several trips back and we have looked at many properties.  They apologize for taking so much of my time…the truth is I enjoy my time with them and they are teaching me what is involved in selecting your truly, forever home!

I LOVE my helping my Clients, Learning, and Being the BEST Realtor I can be!

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