Big REVEAL…Local Realtor FEELS the Guilt

This is the picture I see in my mind as I am instructing sellers to declutter their home.  As they share the significance and memory attached to each item (maybe with a tear) , I say “This must be stored or here is a list of places to get rid of stuff!”  I keep seeing this  picture in my head, as I feel the GUILT!  I do share items from my COLLECTION when my stager feels they need a certain extra touch in a room to help save my client $$$ but and you know the rest of the story.  The storage area of our basement is becoming my no cash and carry for enthusiastic friends and relatives.


I still have my daughters elementary school papers, art masterpieces, and the list could go on….And just like most adult children, they don’t want any of these precious items filed away for safe keeping.  This year when starting the job of putting away holiday decorations, I threw away the following with tears….A Pretzel wreath, made by Andi at Central College Preschool, a handmade holiday plate designed by Emily at Robert Frost Elementary.  I am somewhat selective, as some childhood items are being used by our grandchildren when they come to OHIO…hoping they want to take them home.

Many sellers want to spend $$$ making improvements they have always wanted to increase the value of their property.  My advice why now, when you are moving on.

CLEAN and DECLUTTERED  is where you begin…and then hire an energetic, honest, caring, experienced Realtor that would be somewhat like ME.

Check out my tips on YOUTUBE!  More on YOUTUBE…NO COST.  Enjoy.



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Hottest Trends in Genoa Township and Interior Design for 2018

My grandson and son-in-law are on board to the hottest trends…Thank you to Officer Tyler at the Genoa Township Fire Dept. for an excellent tour of the firehouse today!

Always fun to review the various lists of Trends in Interior Design at the beginning of the year.

  1.  BOLD Colors for 2018   Sherwin-Williams Oceanside SW 6496 is nominated for the Best Color!  Deep violets and orange?
  2. MIXED Metallics….So glad to see this in many homes today, forget the old rules
  3. The use of Gen Z Yellow…..thank you to Beyoncé.
  4. The use of Quartz…more colors, easy to clean, and more versatile   Just put in our updated master bath and agree!
  5. Light Textured Wood Floors…much easier to clean!  And my husband wants to refinish our wood floors when after years, we have so much texture!
  6. More use of Natural Materials, less is more, use of wicker and rattan with a modern edge
  7. Concrete in unexpected areas…I would love to try on our kitchen counters but not sure about the maintenance.
  8. Black fixtures with matte finishes …very easy to keep clean
  9. Larger tiles, goodbye subway tiles!  Less grout equals less cleaning!  Love the use of larger tiles, less grout, and more calming without all the lines.

Market is heating up too.

I have 3 new listings soon to be on ready for market…two in Westerville and one in Blacklick.

Get on Board to be included in the first wave of listings for 2018 while it remains a Seller’s Market!

Contact me for listing appt.  I will provide a professional stager as well as a professional photographer to help you transform your home to a product ready to go to market.


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Naughty or Nice List? Home Selling during the Holidays

A well staged, uncluttered property in a good location at a fair price will sell any time of the year.  How long will it take?  Maybe a little longer than June and July when families are shopping for schools.

Thoughts to Ponder…during the Holiday Home Buying Season:

  • Buyers that are out now are more serious…most families have a busy schedule
  • Buyers may wait until families are together on vacation to start looking
  • There are fewer homes for sale…..less competition
  • Some home show better in the winter
  • Today’s buyers never stop looking online
  • Many people relocate for that new job at the beginning of the year

I have  been working for a buyer soon to be a BUCKEYE!  We have been “shopping together” online.  I personally preview possibilities and then we put the property on the Nice List or the  Naughty List.  When her family comes to Columbus Town in early December,  you know which list we will use.

If you decide to wait for after the Holidays…don’t wait too long!  Competition increases each day of the NEW YEAR.

Happy Thanksgiving to All?  Thankful for so many gifts in my life.

mom at 94

Celebrating Thanksgiving with my mother of 94 and a healthy baby granddaughter are only two of many gifts this year.

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Pickins are Slim…Central Ohio Real Estate

Don’t get SCARED!  There is still a perfect property for you.

Start your Search Today!  I can set you up on an automated search from the Columbus Multiple Listing Service which is up to date with correct information!

We can take a look…

Call in a Home Inspector…

No reason you can’t be this happy too!

Customize for your family and Celebrate!

Unpaid photo credits…thank you Andi Linely, photographer, Eli and Evie for modeling.


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Adventures as a Central Ohio Realtor

Previewing properties for an out-of-town buyer…and where do you get a view like this in Columbus, Ohio?

With Amenities like these: 24/7 security in lobby, Key Fob operated elevators, Starbucks, The Keep Bar and Restaurant with room service, Fitness center, Out of unit storage, Concierge, Dry Cleaning, Valet Parking, Full Day Spa, Discounted Hotel Rooms for guests at discounted rates???

So much fun to check out the condos on the top floors…built in the 20’s with 47 floors!  Red, White, and Boom, just maybe for 2018!

And then one more very different adventure…

Coming soon to Columbus, Ohio….Container Homes.

Another great day of being a REMAX Realtor in Central Ohio.


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Master Bath in PINE BOX House is Progressing! LIGHTING for Less!

Contractor calls this RENOVATION of Master Bath…PB Project.  PB does not stand for Pottery Barn but Pine Box as George keeps reminding us all we are never moving!

Excitement for me is to find a chandelier for Bath that is what I imagined and an excellent price.  Arhaus Warehouse is the place to go…esp when they offer 60% off discounted prices.  This light was hanging in a store and just needs a couple of simple repairs…that maybe even I can do.


I have a couple small pieces missing from my “bargain light” so I decided to stop by the closest Arhaus Retail Store to order the pieces missing.  And I saw my light hanging in the store as a new option this Fall.  My Warehouse Light = 75% off


Many choices at the Warehouse Store and Continually Changes…

Bargain lighting is exciting to me…actually the search but this next photo is also exciting to me.

10 outlets in my new bathroom appliance garage…toothbrush, hair dryer, flat iron, water pik, light, phone charger, clothes steamer, clarisonic. …all can be plugged in and stored away…not on the counter!  I am excited to have a clean and clear counter!

I do love helping clients when building or renovating… Updated Inventory, now called Pinterest,  is part of my Intellectual Property that makes being a REALTOR so much FUN!  I do love what I do!





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Could Have Been EVEN a BIGGER Change at the Yanok House this Christmas!

As most of our friends and family know, we ALWAYS have a real Christmas Tree in our house during the holidays.  George has promised the girls if they come home for Christmas, we will always have a real Christmas Tree.  We have called on friends for many years to get this monster in the house…high school friends, neighbors, and good friends, Bill Irwin, are on call for the delivery.  When the girls were still home, they would help select the tree.  The bigger the better!  Watching George get in the holiday spirit??? while he struggled with the tree, was always  their favorite part of the process.

Because of allergies and sniffles, the day of going to MR. TREE and bringing home our tree is over.

This year George and I traveled to COSTCO to purchase, reluctantly a beautiful artificial tree with LIGHTS already on the tree…they even turn to color for Eli and Evie.  Knowing we needed to get a large tree, we purchased the tallest tree they had.  The box didn’t even fit in our car as a complete stranger overheard us talking about living in Westerville and offered to follow us home in his truck.  What relief we felt!  The tree is pretty, lights already on, it will pay for itself in 2 years as Mr. Tree is getting very pricey, carpet will not have water stains, no watering the tree, the family should be well and the list went on. 

Time passes and we get a call from COSTCO.

The Box the Good Samaritan Helped us Bring Home!

The Second Box that we forgot?????

Thank you to COSTCO for calling…

We can only imagine the family’s reaction if we were missing half of our new tree on December 23?  WAY TOO MUCH Change for the Yanok family.

Speaking of Change…Looking for a new home in 2018?  Get your home on the market now that the holidays are coming.  Less Competition, Only Serious Buyers are Looking During this Busy Season, and Emotion plays a HUGE ROLE in home buying…set the stage with tasteful decorations, no clutter, and help buyers imagine their next Christmas in their new COZY, HOLIDAY HOME.  Let me know if you would like the link to 5 short videos that explain how to list your house with no cost improvements. 

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