Favorite Event is Coming for HOME IDEAS!

Love viewing new homes…new ideas…thinking of building, renovating, or updating a room…YOU will Enjoy the Parade!  September 2-17 at Cheshire Woods, Berkshire Township, Delaware County.  Hours: Mon-Sat. 11:00 AM- 7:00 PM.  Sun: 11:00- 5:00 PM  (no entry one hour prior to close)  Tickets: $15 per person (children under 12 are free) Parking: $5.00 per vehicle  Enter my drawing and you may be able to attend for free…compliments of Emma Yanok, REMAX Affiliates  One ticket per entry – See entry form BELOW.

I love going to the Parade of HOMES.  George and I found both of our builders and gathered ideas before we built our two  homes in Westerville while attending Parades.  1977 and 1994…..two homes and one husband!  Since then I have enjoyed helping numerous families build a new home.   Many buyers go straight to the builder without a realtor, thinking I can do this myself and save realtor fees.

  • Builders want to keep realtors happy so they will bring more business  to them.
  • Realtors can help build a builder’s reputation (we have many excellent builders) or the opposite.
  • Builders use their own purchase contracts.  It is wise to have a realtor review the purchase contract.  Realtors can look for dates of walkthroughs, warranties, time allowed for changes without cost, etc.  Experience is a great teacher.  Buyers need someone to watch out for their interests.  There are frequent changes in the industry and most buyers don’t build often enough to be aware.
  • It is not easy to build a home…so many choices, so many potential mistakes that may require a change that may require extra cost….get the idea?
  • Buyers are usually busy with work and family.  A realtor can make visits to the construction site to report back to the buyers.
  • Realtors know features that may help add or detract from resale value.
  • Realtors have the opportunity to see many floor plans at different stages before and after the build process is completed.  They understand the process.
  • As far as saving money, the realtor will be paid by the builder after providing knowledge and service OR the builder will add to his profit line.  YOUR CHOICE.

YOU MAY BE THE LUCKY WINNER   One Name per Entry.  Deadline 8/31/17

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Magic…Fast, Easy Transformations…Magic Market…Three Listings in Contract in 24 Hours

My friends know, I like fast, inexpensive, fun transformations.  Just saw this chair in a POPULAR, PRICEY Greenhouse…not mentioning names but this project is on the top of my list!

Project TWO…probably happening in my office for my client list or George’s TO DO list for retirement projects…Are you laughing yet?  It is just a roll of craft paper fastened to the wall.  Would be great in so many places and useful too.

So my friend, a former English teacher…nightmares looking at my text on my blogs…thinks that titles of books are so important to see.  Of course not moi.  I like the shape and style of the books when in the bookcase…of course after I have read the book.  Balancing act I saw at CB2 in NYC…when visiting my city girl.

I think some of my clients are convinced my collection of ferns that I have been moving from house to house this year are magical.  I put the fern in a suitable pot from my collection in my “lower level” , instruct the seller to water, and the listing is in contract in less than 24 hours.   Two listings in Westerville and one in the ever popular Clintonville in the last month…magic has happened…over list price!


CLEAN…Free of STUFF…Let me provide you with my STAGER and my Talented PHOTOGRAPHER….free rental of my magic ferns… AND Presto!  I can’t promise Henry, my grand dog, will be here for your closing but I will.



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Deer be GONE…The Battle is Still On!

The same story.  I plant beautiful flowers, watch perennials come to bloom, and then one morning…What Happened?

YOU know what happened.  So a three step program this year.

Liquid Fence…works if you reapply every day and after every rain…

Last summer I added Irish Spring…may have helped but as my friend shared, at least the deer won’t talk dirty.

                    My latest Deer Repellent!

So I had heard…human hair…yes kind of unusual.  My hair dresser gave me hair from the salon, which I did take home.  With plastic gloves and caution, I filled burlap bags with hair and tied to my plants.

My attach this year is a 3 step process.  Please don’t share with my backyard pets when I will be leaving for vacation.

Yes they are beautiful animals and I do enjoy watching them run in the snow. but please leave me alone in the spring, summer, and fall.



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Baby Boomer Could Become Minimalist

The word could might need to be replaced to should! I have spent the last week helping our daughter move to an apartment in NYC. She sorted, threw away, gave away, sold things before she left Philly. And now we are still making trips to the trash room. This has certainly opened my eyes and ears when my grown children tell me they want experiences and memories instead of gifts for any occasion.

And again today, a dear friend is moving her 97-year-old mother from a small apartment to an assisted living efficiency. In a phone conversation…our break from downsizing others…we shared we can’t wait to get home to start clearing out things.

I might even be losing my love to shop….hoping George does not read this!

On the flip side of my work here, my daughter comes home from work, and the fun begins. Enjoying restaurants has been so much fun…walking yes, but I am sure not enough to melt some pounds away.


Really enjoyed visiting Mario Batali’s Food Mall, Eataly…  so many choices, grazing delight!

Reservations tonight at Babbo, another Mario Batali restaurant.

Emily is treating me to HELLO DOLLY with Bette Midler Sunday and then home to watch the Tonys.



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NO TIME for BUYERS and SELLERS to TAKE a Siesta!


YOU will be so GLAD YOU DID!

TRULY a REAL ESTATE Fiesta…DON’T STOP to take a Siesta…..


So much fun celebrating my grandson’s 2nd Birthday with my great niece and family.

emmayanok@emmayanok.com (614-946-0728)




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EASY as ABC’s to Sell your Property in this MARKET!

A.  It’s all in your mind…TRANSFORM HOME with wonderful memories to A PRODUCT to SEL



D. CLEAN EVERY CORNER!  DID I say CLEAN EVERY CORNER!  Make your house look and smell like Martha Stewart just left!

E.  Graph your utility bills for the last year.

F.  HIRE a REALTOR that provides FULL TIME SERVICE to YOU…like ME!

These are the basic steps that most people don’t think about first.  Many homeowners think they need to spend, spend, spend….

Try A through F first.

Happy Selling!


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MORE Exploring for LOW COST accessories, etc.



LOVE exploring for good stuff!  When my good friend and neighbor called me on Friday night and asked if I was ready to explore…she is an excellent picker…off we went.   Sharing old stories about such trips from years ago, laughing about nothing,  and brainstorming “repurpose ideas”…no Pinterest needed in this car.  First stop…

Voted BEST BOOTH by us…VintagedMod-pick,salvage>repurpose!

http://www.facebook.com/vintagemodsuitcase  Instagram-vintagemod.pick.salbage.repurp

Emily Windle-Halpin.  ewh17@aol.com   Located in Delaware County.  Emily shared she has monthly sales, which you can check out.

My NEW pile of JUNK……as my husband and best friend described…

Love this collection…base is a former Soil tester with all the info. on the rim…When I sell a piece of property, the soil does have to be tested before closing to make sure the land is buildable.  This is the former method…a sieve is the bottom…brass with the black metal tag still on this “piece of junk”.  The ring with the numbers is an old dial that came from an old gas pump…the numbers you see when filling your car with gas. I already had some old pulleys…I use for hanging pictures, etc , a succulent and topped off with my favorite final touch… A Cloche!

Had to stop by the Grandma BAIT Store…….Evie needs to learn all about Brutus and his followers!

Off for another adventure this weekend…building business alliances with Kimberly Althouse, Huntington, Kari Stumpf, REMAX Affiliates, and Wendi Diersing, Great American Title.  Now that I am bringing the subject back to Real Estate, it is soooooo important to partner with other professionals that you can depend on to complete all details on their end of the contract.  In this market, it takes a TEAM that can work together.  And the best part of this team, our professional development includes lots of fun!
Two listings in Westerville…coming up soon!


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